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When you first Join you will be asked to create a Username:

Next you will move on to character creation:

Step 1: Base Options.

You have 3 chooses, Female, Male or Chibi
Click on the icons to preview what they look like and to also move to the next step,
This will open the Race selection.

Step 2: Race Type

Here you have a choice of 4 main types of Races,
Humanoids are more human looking with various types of ears and wings.
Mimi are human looking body's with animal features
Kin are animals
And Monsters are a mixture of zombies, dolls and robots.
Click on them to preview the different types that each has.

Step 3: Race

Selecting the Race will open up other options for you to preview,
Markings and recoloring options.
Don't be alarmed you have locked anything in permanently and can always go back and click around some more if your unsure.

Step 4: Customizing your base

Selecting the greyed out image of you base below the preview will open the customizing options,
Note; different races have different options and each one can be customized to your liking.
Play around with the drop down menu that appears when you click them and the preview will live update as you change colors.

Step 5: Optional - facial Markings

This step is optional and you do not need to have any markings if you do not want them.
Clicking on the markings will preview what they look like on your avatar and also open the customization options for the markings.
This will replace your previous base customization options but you can get them back by selecting your Race once again like in step 3.

Step 6: Clothing Options

Once you have finished with your base it's time to move on and select your starter outfit,
Clicking this button will move you on to the next stages of the creation,
You can still go back to make changes by clicking the base options button above the selection of clothing.
Tip: It's a great idea to create alts to get the other starter items, these items are all account bound and have recoloring unlocked, it's a great way to get a few starting eyes, mouths and hairs before you have enough funs to buy them from the shop. All solia items are universal so the male and chibi starter sets and be worn by females and vice versa.

Step 6: Customize Your Clothing

Much like the base and marking the clothing you choose can also be customized.
Also it's a good thing to know that you can change this at any time in your inventory - we will get to that a few posts down!
For now, click the clothing piece you want to customize and the options will appear for you, click another and the options will be replaced for the new piece.
Play around until you have a look you like.

Step 7: Save Your Character

Click save character when your done and want to start playing. You will be asked to confirm.
Once confirmed you will be redirected to the world where you will start the tutorial on how to play.
I also have a lot of helpful tips in the next post - on how to navigate Solia.

You can create as many characters as you like!

To do this:

Under your username at the top right of the screen, open the Menu.

Look for the option that states " Create Character "

You can use " Add Existing Character " to add characters that you might have had on the old site.
Please note that this is only available until the item transfers are completed.
After that, all old accounts will be wiped.

Enter your desired username and repeat the process above as many times as you like!

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Navigating Solia:

When you first make your character you go through the tutorial and you are immediately put into the world.
Here is some helpful tips that might help you out when your first starting.

Home page / Forums

Since you first start in game it can be a little difficult to get to the forums or other parts of the site,
Its easy once you know how - click on the "Solia World Logo" in the top right of the browser,
This takes you to the home page of the site from here you can get to many places including the forums.
On this home page you will see several navigation buttons:
Play takes you to the game, Inventory to your out of game inventory, Market to the AH, and Gacha to the luna items.
Further down the page you will also find these links:
Which are fairly self explanatory

Inventory's & Banks!

Yep that's right you have more then 1!
You actually have an in game and an out of game inventory as well as a bank.

Most things you find in the world like logs, ore, wheat and items harvested from dog houses all go into your out of game inventory,
When you craft, these items need to be in the out of game inventory for the system to find them.

Things like Fluff, pet food and poop actually go into your in game inventory,
You will need to find it and move it to your out of game inventory to craft with it or complete quests with it.
Which is a two part process since when you move something from in-game to out of game it's goes to your bank first,
Then you need to move it from your bank to the out of game inventory.

If your out of game inventory is full the items will then go into your bank.

Accessing the in game inventory:
In game you will notice a bunch of options near the chat box,
The one with this box symbol opens your in game inventory,
From here you can see what you have, place items on your land,
And send items to your bank if you need them to craft or for quests,
To move an item to your bank you will need to select this button in your in game inventory:Image
Then click on the item you wish to send to your bank - done.

Accessing the out of game inventory:
To Access this inventory, you will need to be on the home page of Solia or in the forums.
Once loaded you will see that this is also where you can recolor your items and create avatars.
Along the top you have a second navigation bar, look for the tab that says bank:
From here you will find the items that you moved from your in game inventory,
You will need to select the item and then select move "to inventory" from the drop down that appears.
You can also sent things back to your in game inventory by selecting "to town"

Please note this may change in the future but for now this is how it works.

Important things to do/ know:

First and foremost finish the tutorial,
New things are released to the character slowly so make sure to come back and log on daily.
Get your scavenging to level 5 - Buy the first two skills.
Get the builder profession/job if you haven't already.
Build dog houses and attach pets to them (limited to 5) feed them.
Collect items off of your dog houses and create!

The Arrows that appear in various locations can be used transport around to different areas, they are labeled to make it easier for you.

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There are a great many ways to make gold on the site, let's go through some:


Walking around in the World and clicking on the bubbles that you see is a great way to find gold and other useful resources.
The resources can ether be used for crafting or selling on the market.
Once you reach level 3, buy the skill called Keen Eye as soon as you can.
This allows you to find higher amounts of gold - up to 10k in a single bubble!!!
What are you waiting for? Get hunting!

Also - Get to level 5 as soon as you can and get the Freeganism skill as soon as you can,
It's much better then having to buy food for your pets all the time, cheaper in the long run too

Tasks, Weeklies and Quests:

The tutorial quests should give you some nice starting gold.
It's a great idea to work through all the quests you can as they will assist in getting your land and solia life all set up.

Come back daily and weekly to complete tasks and earn gold and funs that way too:
You may find that quest lines for events will also appear.

Gold Producing Chairs:

In the main town, you will find some chairs with a gold coin on the back rest.
These are special chairs that actually grant you gold.
Sit yourself down in the chairs and you will gain 100 gold every 5 minutes for just sitting around doing nothing at all!
Great way to go afk and still earn yourself some gold.


Everyone has the ability to farm right away!
You just need to have gotten your greenhouse,
Which you do by placing your mailbox and getting an achievement.
Plant some seeds (bought from Gary)and keep them watered until they grow!
You can then pick and sell them, or use them to make other products that might sell for a higher price!
I suggest cooking/ becoming a chef and turning your crops in to meals then selling them.


This may take some time to get you up there, but it is well worth it.
So far i have found that making butter is very profitable,
You plant sunflowers - turn the flower in to 5 seeds.
Feed the seeds to a cow attached to a dog house.
Harvest the milk then turn it to butter,
Put the butter into the sell box and you make a huge amount of profit.


You can make 14.4k in a single day milling wheat into flour and selling it in the sell box!
You will need a cow which you can get from the quest line with Jean
And a mill, which you can make as a Builder.
Collect some wheat and keep your cow feed to make your flour and profit!
The more mills you have the more gold you can get a day but that also means more wheat gathering!
You will need to be a chef in order to get the recipe to make flour.


Visit William when he becomes available for you,
Buy the Stick Rob recipe from him you will need to be Builder to see it in his shop
Find Lands with ponds on it (You can buy one from Gary) and fish!
You can fish 5 Times in every pond every hour.
The bigger the fish you catch the more gold it will sell for in the sell box.

Auto fishing is also an option but i would not recommend it for gold making.

Treasure hunting:

Reach Farmer level 15 to unlock the treasure hunting skill for your pets.
Run around worlds until your pet (with the skill) finds a treasure chest for you.
Click on the chest to receive a random reward, this can be crafting material, food for your pets, Avatar items or between 1-3k gold!

Playing the various events that pop up is a great way to gain some gold. Daily quests can reward nice amounts and you could always sell the event currencies or items that you get for participating. Events are announced in the forums, and can span for 2 weeks, sometimes longer. The announcements also pop up when you load the World, so you'll always be up-to-date with what's happening.
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The Market:

Play it well and it can benefit you. Buy low sell high.
Sell event items or items you scavenged or even crafted.
A good thing to know is item rarity's:
ImageCommons (5-10k)
........ImageUncommons (10-20k)
ImageRares (50-100k)
..........ImageEpics (100-300k)
ImageLegendary's (200-500k)

**Pricing really depends on the person selling it - this is just a general idea


Posting in the forums still does give you small amount of gold.
It is much better and faster to gain gold in other ways tho.
But remember, no spamming unless you're in Chit Chat!
You can spam all you want in there, have fun ^_^

Gacha items:

A great way to make some gold is to play the Gacha's and sell the items you get.
A lot of people are looking for them when they can't donate themselves.

If you cant donate dont worry you can still play the gacha!
You can get a free gacha play every week!
If your lucky you can pull an awesome item and sell it to get rich quick!

Designer Items:

Solia has a very unique system in which you can create your own items.
Often contests are held during events where you can win prizes,

But most of all you can create your own items to sell and make gold or even luna with.

The options are endless with what you can create, here's my zombie set for example:

Create and Sell your very own Fashion Line.

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So if you didn't know, almost EVERY item on Solia is customize-able.
There are a couple of things that you won't be able to, like Land items and Designer items,
but for the rest, let me show you how to make the most out of it!

You need to be in your Inventory to do this.
Once you're there, you can click on an item to open the drop down menu for it, like so:
Here you get a couple of options, you want the Recolor Item one.
The items you got for your starter outfit should all be unlocked.

If the item is not unlocked, it will show this instead.
With the small cost of 25 Luna, you can unlock just about any item.
Once it's been paid for that first time, it's yours to customize forever.
You can earn Luna through completing offers, donating, or even Market sales.
Interesting tip: You can preview an item by equipping it and recoloring without having to pay.
This is because payment happens when you save the recolor.

When you click Recolor Item, you will see a small section area appear below your avatar.
Each box is a different part of the item that you can make a different color.
In the case of the example, there are 3 - I have selected the first one.
Click the piece you want to change and play with the drop down menus.

The first color is the Color Type, the second is the actual color.
Play with as many parts of the item you want and hit Save when you're done.
You can do this with or without having the item equipped on your avatar.
I like to do it while it's on the avatar so you can see the color changes as you mess with the selections before you save it.
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Looking to support Solia?

It's pretty easy to do, using the drop down menu under your username, select "Add Luna"
You will be redirected to the donating page where you can choose how much to donate.

Don't just select something to donate.
Have a look at the subscriptions first!

Want to know something interesting?
Instead of donating $5 or more, get yourself a subscription.
I know what you're thinking, but what if i don't have the money next month?
Or I don't want to sign up for a monthly payment.
That's totally fine, sign up and cancel your Subscription.
Make sure to cancel AFTER you have received your bonus items, not before - it should only take about 30mins.

Even after cancelling the Subscription, you will retain all the bonuses for the rest of the month!

Kool hey, well that's not all!

Say you have $25 Subscription and don't want to have one higher than that.
But you want to donate more to play some Gacha that just came out.
Well why not look at upgrading then downgrading your subscription instead of simply donating.
Upgrade to the next tier, get your items and bonus, then downgrade to a lower tier.
When you upgrade from the $25 tier to the $60, you only pay the difference ($35) but you get 4,500 Luna
and Double your Login reward Luna that you get for the rest of the month! (even if you downgrade)
Also you can downgrade as soon as you have received the Luna, no need to wait around.

Sub -> Upgrade = Profit.................Sub -> Downgrade = No Loss

The rewards you gain for the rest of the month will be from the highest tier that you reached in that month.

Take advantage of the great deals on Luna! and get more for your money!

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How can i make it so i can take offers?
You will need to reach level 10 merchant.
You gain exp for the merchant job/profession by selling things on the market.

How do i sell for Luna?
You will need to reach level 7 merchant.
You gain exp for the merchant job/profession by selling things on the market.

Whats are funs, how do you get them and where to spend them?
Funs are a special currency on solia, you earn it by logging in daily and completing weekly tasks.
Save up those funs for things like unlocking slots for the designer items.
There is a funs shop that visits during events that you can buy facial items from (months, noses, hairs eyebrows etc).

Where did the NPC's go?
At night the Npc's go inside there homes so you wont be able to find them until it's day time again.
But some are also only out during the night :P

When will it be day/night next?
Solia works on a 1 full day in game to 6 hours irl, 3 hours is set aside for both day and night.
Using the In game Clock Night time is 20:00 - 7:59, and Day time is 8:00 - 19:59
Time moves 4 times as fast in game, so if your 4 hours away from 8 (the start of day time) in game your 1 hour away IRL
Hope that helps!

Duke of Failure
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This is an awesome guide! Thank you!

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Updated with treasure hunting - lots of goodies in the chests you can make gold off of - or even straight up find gold! ^_^

Also added Farming and Milling!

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so i dont loose this

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Woot updated to reflect alot of the recent changes ^_^

Celestine Amine
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Awesome! ^-^ Nice job on the upkeep.

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This is extremely helpful, and thank you for that. The items from the character creator are locked to the characters now though. I also can't delete my extra characters. Ah well. .w.

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I just tested it out by creating a new character and it worked fine.
You will need to make sure that the items are not equipped or being used to move them to the bank tho.

Deleting a character does seem to be bugged tho, i'll go ahead and report that ^_^

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Oh gosh. That's kind of embarrassing... Thank you for the clarification. xwx;;

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