Tranquil River
Posted 930 days
Let me just quote Duke real quick because people keep missing this:
Duke of Failure wrote:What happened to my items, gold, and luna?
If you followed the process for recovering your old Solia character, you should see your gold transferred to that character immediately.

Your old items were part of the old site, a different avatar system, and largely incompatible with the new site. Most need totally repixeled. Items released after May 2016 are being transferred free as a thank you to those that supported Solia during the last 15 months the old site was live. The front page is keeping a tally of how many items have been transferred, and over 1200 items have been already. Older items may be re-released in the future, but most need completely remade art and won't likely be part of the transfer.

Transferred items will appear in your inventory bank as they become available. Old donation items with multiple poses must be 'broken' into multiple items for each pose. This currently costs Luna, in part to support the transfer labor, and in part because you're getting multiple items for what used to one with poses. Once broken, it means you can use all of the poses at the same time.

Your old luna will transfer once the items transfer has completed. The date is currently unknown, as a user poll decided to extend the item transfer indefinitely to include more items. Keep an eye out for announcements.
(And sorry Duke of Failure you can ignore any notification you get. I just feel this part should be pointed out.)

Your items aren't gone forever. Some just need to be revamped to fit the new site considering it's a whole new system. Even if you don't get them in the transfer, they'll most likely be released again once they have gone through their update. Yeah, some you may need to buy again, but that does not make them gone forever.

Posted 905 days
So it's been a while since I've been here.
While I enjoy this site, I am very frustrated at the fact that when I tried to create a new character, although the base is saved the clothing is not and I don't think this should happen and I have no clue where to report it.

Posted 905 days
Top right corner. Click 'i need help' from the drop down menu. And go from there

Duke of Failure
Posted 891 days
Thread refreshed. OP edited for clarity, updates, and moved support reference to the top.

Posted 889 days
I keep reading that old items should have been transferred, but when I ask about it I get ignored and it's getting really disheartening... I understand some items can't be transferred, etc, but being shut down/ignored with no response... I had more than what was transferred, from DI's, CI's, EI's, Shop Items, etc. I sad. :( I just want to be told what's happening and why I see many other users with the older items, and yet my inventory stands empty...

Posted 889 days
Ellri, did you put in a support ticket asking for help?
You shouldn't get ignored, everyone on the support team is able to see the support tickets.

edit: ah i found it - it was under feedback - they only get reviewed once a week.

Posted 889 days
I check my tickets and they get closed without any more information. :(

Edit: I see a reply now, thank you Vexous. For the items made between 2016 and 2018, I still had a few (as far as I remember). I did help support the site as much as I could, I was one of the donators for the new server when the other one broke down. I don't really know what all this means for any items I'm missing/no longer have. Are all the store items gone now, too? All the wigs? I had loads..

I feel nekkid.
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Posted 889 days
Your more then welcome to pm me if you would like to talk about it, but i did respond to your ticket that i found under feedback just then.

Posted 889 days
I don't know how to PM anymore :baw:

Posted 845 days
WOAH. Like seriously...WOAH.
It's been so long...holy crapcakes...

Duke of Failure
Posted 844 days
Heya! Welcome back! A woah is right, haha. Love the holiday avi though!

Keiko Kagami
Posted 823 days
Old player, new character, super lost on where the everything is. Where are the shops for one??

Duke of Failure
Posted 821 days
Heya! Welcome back!

Shops can be found in game now.

Select "World" in the top bar.
Tap/click the portal next to where you appear in your town.
Select "To Hub"
In the Hub, you can talk to NPCs to access their shops.

If you need any other help, you can select "Support" in the forums and someone will help you with anything you need in a support ticket. This helps makes sure you always get quick and accurate answers.

Posted 779 days
So very lost, but glad I found this thread. I am glad to see that Solia has found new life. This site was there for me during some very rough times.

Sad that my inventory is gone, but what are ya gonna do, eh? :hee:

Heavens I missed these cat emojis. No other emojis have ever come close to their place in my heart. :omg:

Duke of Failure
Posted 777 days
Welcome back! :nod:

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