Posted 137 days
@赤い蝶: Thankies, can't believe I caught the shiny aky without bait o.o

Posted 136 days
Really?! I can't believe you tried. I'd have stuffed him full of bait. But I also don't trust my luck haha.

Posted 131 days
I wasn't worried about baiting at the time and just thought I'd better net this guy. Sometimes ya gotta trust ya instincts. :nod:

Posted 118 days
I've caught 2 shiny owprin chicks and one shiny alrune! I've seen a shiny byakko in the wild once but it ran away from me.

Posted 88 days
I just got a shiny Owprin chick (they look red on the lands, but different in the inventory thumbnail? weird), and in the past several days/maybe a week (time runs together lol) I've gotten a shiny Alrune kitten and my very first shiny, an Aky pup! :omg: Does anyone know what the adult shiny Aky looks like? I've never seen the adult version.

I almost missed the Owprin chick, I was going through for logs and ore and just happened to see him come out from behind a tree next to me. I was on my phone at work (bad Rora) and ignore the kogos when I do that. :blink:

Man oh man, I REALLY want a shiny Fen now! Kogo park refuses to even give me the regular ones though. :lol:

Posted 87 days
Hope to catch a Shiny Aky someday. :)

Posted 87 days
you and me both,

i've caught 2 byakko's and an owprin so far that are shinnies, would love the others XD

Posted 83 days
Got a shiny Byakko kitten now! :wahhh:
Definitely going to raise him, I love the shiny adult Byakko but I'm not a fan of the welded-together-metal-plates look of the kitten.

Posted 59 days
@ Rora: Your luck ish so good. :omg:

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