Posted: 200 days ago
Right now we have a lot going on!

We are reworking/rewriting/reanimating the entire beginning of the game. We are adding more tutorials and we're going to be redoing the in game interface shortly.

Billiam is running tests on a new engine for the game. He has spent quite a bit of time getting it going so that we can help people on weaker computers/devices.

Bug Catching will be released shortly.

I am working on even more new maps!

Soon we will begin to run adverts! You want to be here before everyone else is!

Posted: 168 days ago
All right, so its time for a big reveal!

October will see the rebirth of the old solia's murder mystery, but in a much newer fashion! You will explore a mansion going from room to room investigating what happened, but be quick or you might be the next victim.

New Features:

Entire new house and room rebuilds. You will be able to set up your own homes with this system and pick what door goes to which room.
Loads of new interior items.
New avatar animations
Maybe even a dancing emote!

And much more. You don't want to miss this.

Posted: 89 days ago
If anyone is in West Coast, Alaska, or Hawaii timezone could you please join my land. We need to test something out with people in those timezones for tonight.

Thank you.

Posted: 46 days ago