Posted 618 days
Week of July 28th

Member Appreciation Month
  • Tutorial System upgrades.
    • Video of how to use free gacha ticket.
    • Video of opening the menu and clicking the event tab to show event tasks.
  • Free Gacha Ticket ability added to subscription system.
  • Add the ability for the tutorial system to popup due to notices.
  • Create Event tasks.
  • Create tutorial events based on event tasks turning on on the server.

  • Proof of concept created for new Gacha system.
  • New system has bars that increase based on when is the last time you received a legendary/epic.
  • If you have played 150 times, and have not gotten everything out of the gacha, the new gacha system will guarantee you get the items you are missing.
  • New system will be active this weekend, for the upcoming gacha.

  • Restore functionality that allows you to click names in the chat to edit their profile.
  • Change chat because it was broken with larger names.
  • Change CSS for chat system to increase readability.
  • Inventory - User will now be told why their item and which item failed to move to the bank for clarity.
  • Fix not being able to see dialog completion required Townsfolk (e.g. Zane and Willem) on alternate characters
  • When checking dialog completion, townsfolk encounters need to also check additional user data
  • When checking dialog completion, need to also check additional user data
  • Completion of Tutorial Dialogs needs to be remembered account wide
  • Fixed issue with our image server that would cause images to not load in some instances.
  • Fixed event timers not working correctly and changed their format a bit.
  • Passive Tutorial System created. - A window that shows you a video and has an explanation pertaining to the topic at hand.
  • Event Task and Free Gacha Play tutorials are the first to be introduced.
  • Only show event tab when event tasks are available (Code behind the scenes determines whether or not you need to see the event tab to reduce clutter)
  • Fixed some issues related to event tasks (Not showing up, not showing time left properly, etc)
  • Fixed event tab tutorial not clearing in some instances (previously only would clear on inv, market, and in world)
  • Fixed issue that caused monthly items and luna to not distribute on time.

A system was finished yesterday to make Solia faster for slower computers. It is not out for everyone yet, but it's coming soon. The gacha is being updated for this week. A new system was designed based off feedback. The changes of getting an epic/legendary increase if you have not pulled one on this gacha.

We're still working very hard on the Cinema maker. The Cinema maker lead to the creation of a system that allows slower computers to run Solia. A lot has been completed for it, but since it's not something you all will use the task list for it is not included in the Dev Log. The Cinema maker is going to take another week or two, but it will help us do so many things.

We have written out a great deal of story for Solia. We have several major arcs planned and we're excited about it! We have a writing group we are working with to help improve the quality of the stories. So far the feedback has been very positive.

Posted 610 days
Week of August 4th

  • Start saving new data in order to determine how many of each rarity the person has received.
  • Take data and determine how much to raise the chances of each of them.
  • Update Gacha page so bars only work on newer Gacha.
  • Update Gacha tickets so that they may work on any Gacha.

Mail Upgrades
  • Ability to send custom colored items in the mail system.
  • Ability to send out global mails, ones in which everyone can respond to.
  • Setup Expires on database field, so that mail can have a time limit.
  • Ability to have claimable items in global mails, so everyone can get items out of the same mail.
  • Mark Global Messages as Read once the item has been claimed.
  • Do not show item in global message if they have already claimed it.

  • Make and post video of Crabby and Axi for Facebook.
  • Fixed an issue where, in certain browsers, the Inventory Previewer would change the body layering (arms in front of body, legs in front of skirts and dresses) after equipping certain items.
  • Built a system that allows us to send you notifications whether you are online or not. This also allows us to send everyone on the site notifications.
  • Fixed a bug where pm notifications refused to clear in certain circumstances.
  • Fixed an issue with shiny and special kogos where their colors would sometimes break when being placed on land.
  • Fixed an additional issue where kogo icons would sometimes break when being placed on land.
  • Fixed a caching bug related to images and other files, which should speed up loading the world (especially Towns).
  • Fixed an issue where pets following you would sometimes freeze the world.
  • Fixed "User Shop of the Week" showing up in the Town's user list.

We have begun work on Kogo Battle! Most of the information for this will not be shared to keep a sense of wonder. The Cinema system is still in the works, we are having some problems and hopefully it can be done sometime soon. This week and likely next will be all Kogo battle; admin Editors, battle setup, multiplayer, many battle nuances and much more. Make sure to keep an eye out for sneak peaks.

Posted 605 days
Week of August 11th

  • Quests
  • Items

Kogo Card System - Kogo's do not learn their own moves. You may find/craft/earn moves to put on your kogo. If you have a favorite Kogo you are able to keep them relevant by giving them the best moves you currently have.

  • Data Structure
  • Item Slot and setup.
  • Requirements system - This is what determines what kogo may use what cards.
  • Turn Types - What kind of move is being used. There are 9 current types of moves.
      1: Attack
      2: Charge
      3: Heal
      4: Change Status
      5: Entry Hazard
      6: Weather Change
      7: Buff/Debuff Self
      8: Buff/Debuff Enemy
      9: Self Damage
  • Move Priority - Determines at what part in the battle this move happens.
  • Duration - Determines how long a move, or entry hazard lasts.
  • Extra - Allows for this to happen as a result of a move or attack.
    • Chance to change weather.
    • Chance to change enemies status.
    • Chance to change your own status.
    • Damage yourself.
    • Heal yourself.
  • Element of the move.

  • Fix the tasks menu for Chrome. Breaks and looks awful.
  • NPC’s have “Chit-Chat” and “Talk”. Talk seems to be their intro again, and Chit-Chat has random things. I think Talk is the one that is meant to be there since its the one that counts on the Bingo Card. Chit chat is legacy chat that uses data on the npc encounter. Some intros are just copy pasted from chit chat as we will remove it soon (at least I figured we were going to)
  • Implemented a system to wild kogos that allows the random spawning and capturing of custom/event themed kogos.
  • Fixed some items related to the new event that weren't visible.
  • Fixed some items related to the new event that weren't stacking.
  • Reset "Fluffy Plant?" Quest due to it not working correctly for some.
  • Found and fixed a loading bug where the bar would get stuck at 42%. This was caused by switching tabs while loading, which would cause a series of events where the loading queue would lock itself and never continue the loading process.
  • Worked with animations and animation data for the Cinema editor. I won't bore you with the finer details. Basically, this involved some extra work, data, and complications to our existing cinema functionality so that we can view/edit single animation sections of the entire Cinema without having to view the entire thing every time a change was made. It actively calculates where everything and everyone should be for each section and allows the editor to see and manipulate all the actors and props relative to that section. Any changes are then calculated down the timeline as a result of whatever was changed in the current section

This week Obon was made and we hope you all are enjoying it! The Kogo Card system was built, a lot of that is explained above. The Cinema system is coming along nicely and we were working on Kogo Battle. Other upcoming features is gifting, a calendar system you may use as a day planner and a Kogo Battle Event!

Posted 597 days
Week of August 18th

  • Get system calculating current date and display the week from Sunday with the current day.
  • Hide elements in mobile to increase usability.
  • Stylize calendar with kogo themes. Other themes will be able to be gained later.
  • Setup system so them may change each month.
  • Load the Birthdays of your friends, from only this month ignoring the year and day they were born in.
  • Load birthdays again if the current week is showing 2 different months.
    • Make sure birthdays loaded happened only in extra days and not at end of month. Check their month against month + 1 OR 1;
  • Make Application Launch function, to dynamically load the calendar.
  • Make system to allow for personal posts, that only you see to allow you to use the calendar as a day planner.
    • Load Month
    • Build back end that determines month and days in this month.
  • Go forward and backward through months.
  • Handle the Jan/Dec month and year transition.
  • Week State Calendar navigation. (Backwards and forward through the weeks)
  • Sticker editor.
  • Make it so description & sticker selected stay between calendar pages.
  • bbCode bar for calendar description.
  • Save bb code data in database.
  • Change NPC editor birthday data structure, so that birthdays can be accessible by the calendar.
  • Add stickers to NPC data, so npc stickers can be used for their birthdays.
  • Build templating engine for sticker dropdown.
  • Create classes to allow dropdowns to work in modals.
  • Load all stickers for Admins.
  • Load only the stickers you own.
  • Change selfies to work with new sticker changes.
  • Posting to Calendar.
  • Add Cost information
    • Personal is Free
    • Friends is 100 Luna
    • Everyone is 1000 luna
  • Display NPC/Friends Birthday when clicking on them.
  • Make and implement CSS gradients for every month.
  • Give week mode the ability to go forward/backwards in year(s).
  • Build system to modify year data based on what day of the year the year started. (This was actually a giant pain in the butt, the first problem was figuring out this is what we needed)
  • Display posts when clicked on.
  • Editing of Calendar Posts.
  • Make a calendar class to reuse parts that need to be reused.
  • Make sure people unable to use chat features cannot post.
  • Help button for people without stickers. (Or if no stickers tell them how to get them instead)
  • Calendar Button on loading screen
  • Place Calendar in town.
  • Place calendar in the uneditable part of everyones town.
  • Legendary Item Stickers.
  • Item Editor changes
  • Gacha Changes
  • /calendar added to chat & /help menu.
  • List of all available Calendar Stickers.

  • Loading Inventory to select a gift.
  • Picking a gift.
  • Check to make sure gifts are only being sent to friends.
  • Check to make sure you are not trying to send a shadow or something currently in a trade.
  • Check to make sure you haven’t sent a gift in the last 24 hours.
  • Remove gift from senders inventory and add the gift to the mail.

  • Weekly quests for the quest system is now a possibility.
  • Quests that must be accepted from the quest board and turned in at the NPC are now possible.
  • Add Weekly quests to quest page. (w)
  • Add quest board to quest page. (qb)

Poll System Upgrades
  • Upgrade poll adm system to handle new poll type.
  • Upgrade world files to handle the new poll type.
  • Save additional data for new poll type.
  • Make it so one poll may grant another poll based on the answer give.

  • Fix SQL bug that was causing calendar posting not to work for certain people.
  • Reworked functions to remove things most of the site does not use and made them more local.
  • Rebuilt Bookmarks to add them to search page, “My Bookmarks” can now be found beside the “View new posts” on the forum index.
  • Improve CSS on Search page
  • Change CSS & Javascript on bookmark button to make it centered inside.
  • /help changed to be more readable and /calendar was added to /help.
  • Large Modal updated to work better with mobile.
  • Try to improve the textarea resizing javascript code. Breaks on pasting.
  • Fix Admin item editor, make sure
  • Change pagination functions to not do 1, 2, 3, …, 5
  • Clear version information out of modals on open and close.
  • Modal bug fixed that was caused by new calendar changes.
  • Mira was missing an intro, she now has one.
  • Fixed a bug with the recoloring save button that was causing it to not show.
  • Added a calendar item to the extended land on the bottom of your Town.
  • Fixed an issue that was causing Linden to not load (stuck at 0%)
  • Trimmed some of the data sent from the server when loading a Town.
  • Fixed an issue where buildings weren't updating their data correctly.
  • Fixed another bug that would cause entering buildings to crash the server.
  • Returned some missing Kogo due to the above bugs. If anyone else is missing a Kogo that was in the barn please make a ticket and well get to it as soon as we can.
  • Updated how the game servers handle Townsfolk Birthdays.
  • Reworked the skill purchasing system and it now allows us to set Funs as a skill cost.
  • Updated the quest system to allow for weekly quests.
  • Updated the quest system to allow for quest board only acceptable quests (they still turn into the Townsfolk as normal)
  • Fixed a farming bug that was allowing some players to plant seeds ahead of their intended level.
  • Renamed all the "Town" arrows to say "Linden" to reflect the naming of the Hub
  • Renamed all textual references to "The Town" and "The Hub" to "Linden"

A very busy week last week. We're working hard on Kogo battle and an event along with Kogo battle should start soon! Another large task that was finished last week has to do with Kogo Battle and admin editors. I don't want to go into too much detail with it in order to maintain some elements of surprise.

Posted 591 days

Posted 556 days
Everything BEFORE September 30th was building Kogo Battle and lots and lots of fixes. Here is everything we did just this last week! It was a dynamite week the whole team really put in a lot of effort.

Week of September 30th

  • Battle Animations
  • Experience earned was increased by 4x.
  • When Kogo levels up in Battle it displays "Kogo leveled to X" 3 times.
    • "Owprin leveled up. Owprin is now level 4." Can a carriage return be added between the sentences
  • When turning in Kogo for Cards it does not have the data for the level of the card.
  • Display items they got from turning in Kogo into their chat log.
  • Kogo Levels in battle, and you go into another battle the menu displays incorrectly. Says they are still the previous level.
  • As AI: Do not use scrap unless you do not have the mana to use your card.
  • Rebuild battle list for event.
  • Can still click and open menus for commands that are disabled.
  • Add Critical Hits
  • Kogo card information displayed in Kogo equipping page.
  • Kogo card information displayed on attacking page as well.
  • Fix Kogo Turn in not showing cards when you receive them.
  • Fill in information for Kogo cards (most specifically charge).
  • Fix Kogo Turn in when you have nothing it says “Displaying 1 of 0 thought 0”
  • Kogos AI still uses ineffectual moves.
  • Made changes and added logs.
  • Owprin was set to recolorable, needs to be turned off.
  • Removing Kogo from your team does not show them in the town inventory. (If you reload obviously they are there)
  • Remove the word “Card” when the character calls out the attack name.
  • Cards disappear if you remove a Kogo from your team when you go to add them again there are no cards displayed
  • NPC Trainer spawns not resetting on hour rollover sometimes.
  • Hide notifications when in Kogo Battle. Unhide them when the battle ends.
  • Fix transformation after battle missing data
  • Fix missing chips on transformation.
  • Issues with shiny transformation.
  • Switching in battle is broken.
  • Fix icon not being built after battle transformation.

Map System Updates
  • Number of Kogos that spawn on map.
  • Why is map 47 broken?
  • Why does it say "undefined" when setting maps.
  • Fix placement of tiles when map is in the new scroll mode.
  • Display tile name on mouseover.
  • When resizing map, it does not allow the width to increase, but greatly increase the height.

Kogo Dex Updates
  • Add transformation information.
  • Show large images of Kogo in Transformation section.
  • Make them clickable to show the Kogo it transforms into.
  • Remove Skill section

New quest types
  • NPC Battles
  • Kogo Captured

Kogo Capturing
  • If Kogo is not standard colors, the Inv_hash needs to be built and not given from item_hash.
  • If a Kogo is captured, Hide the feed Kogo menu.
  • It’s not using the Kogo's min and max levels.

Item Updates
  • Fireworks that are one time use, need light element added on explosion.
  • A light slot and img needs to be added to spine and only visible when the light is to be seen.
  • Draw Engine Issue, sometimes number is right for the item, and other loads it isn’t.

User Shop Change
  • Change so that Usershop rolls over on Thursday.

  • New Banners
  • New Coming soon focus
  • Update all information.

  • Fix capitalization issues on creation of item.
  • Fix capitalization issues on shader color change.
  • Fix CSS for dropdowns.

Quest Updates
  • Moving items from bank to inventory does not update your quest have count, in turning in quests. (Getting new items DOES)
  • If you buy items from Market, it also does not update the amount you have in game.
  • Halloween quest being wiped from logs on refresh and must be accepted again.

Admin Updates
  • When granting multiple items at the same time, they are not properly loaded into the game.
  • If walk-able is checked on an item in game item editor, and you change items.
  • Kogo admin editor changed, to block out cards that are not naturally usable by that Kogo. E.G. If a card is only Life elemental, it cannot be put on a fire Kogo.

  • Masking removed on remove all items.
  • If you click a page that is outside of their range, just give last page.

  • Broken due to Halloween.

Achievement Updates
  • Achievements were being displayed incorrectly if they granted a title and an item at the same time.

In World
  • When you click send to bank, we need to remove the disabled class, so people can see what they are sending to their bank.
  • Bank tool now stays enabled when changing pages.
  • Decrement count when turning in Kogo.
  • Thought about it and it would be ineffectual if they already have the inventory open so i'll just do the last page task and call it good
  • If you click a page that is outside of their range, just give last page.
  • If you remove a Kogo that have cards and send them to another character, other character does not retain cards. Prevent them from moving it if it has cards.

This Week

With all this last week, what could we possibly do next week.

  • The Faceoff event has to be finished and tested. That will start this Friday.
  • More Kogo animation updates.
  • Kogo quests for breeding, Kogo clothing and battling.
  • Kogo Breeding will hopefully be released tomorrow. The skill will be dropped in level so that you all have access to it. More Kogo Jobs.
  • A new map with New Kogos to catch! Work on that started last week, and it should be done sometime soon.

Posted 549 days
Week of October 6th

New Features

  • Get faceoff done and in.
  • Entry.
  • NPC entries using doll hashes created by the NPC Editor.
    • Test an npc in faceoff to make sure it works properly.
  • Build animations for the runway.
  • Build avatar selecting and voting.
  • Faceoff bags were initially giving the incorrect amounts (too low) of some items (those who opened them during this error have received the missing amounts in their banks)
  • Various Faceoff bugs including text stuck on screen, game crashes, seeing various user's pets during cinema mode, loader conflicts, etc.

New Artist Page
This feature is there to allow you to create items on Solia! Whether you are just changing the color of an item. Making an item in the item designer or making an entirely new item! It consists of 4 features; Item Designer, Simple Skinning, Item Edits and Custom Items. First one, and hardest, is Simple Skinning. This one involves previews, saving files from Solia and resubmitting them properly. The other systems that need to be created won't take anywhere near the time this one will.

    Artist Homepage
  • This was built, still needs more images but the overall design is in.
  • Click for a preview.

    Simple Skinning
  • Create images of each Kogo to be disabled. (Non-Kogo items still need to be built)
  • Create button to save this image into one file.
  • Upload preview created to allow images to be displayed before submitting.
  • Requires uploaded file to be the same size as the original.

Change NPC Schedule
  • Day NPCs go to bed at 10pm and come out at 6am.
  • Fix walk off time being completely wrong so it never happened

New Gacha Skin
  • Set up new base.
  • Add to base change database.

Free Gacha Play
  • Add aura glow to free gacha play gacha in town if they have a free play.
    • If you have a notice AND the gacha is the newest gacha.
  • System was created and expanded to all types of items. This was then used for the voting in Faceoff.


Kogo Breeding
  • Testing to make sure nothing is broken due to all the new additions.
  • Block breeding when Kogo is required and has cards equipped.
  • Fix another pet data undefined bug this time due to having been in a barn slot and having been removed from it.
  • Card data missing if you are on a mule, and preventative measures put in to make sure that Kogo cannot be broken by one of your mules.

Kogo Battle
  • Find and Fix weird Alrune visual glitch.
  • 0 EXP to level bug.

Kogo New Lands
  • Make land with what’s available.
  • Add new Kogo for that land.
  • Add previews in the new land for things to come.

Mod/Creation Tools & Changes

In Game Announcements
  • Show text in the center of the screen (like at the end of battle) to everyone and show in the chat log.
    • (Server is resetting, be back up in X minutes)
Map System Updates
  • Fix clicking squares in zoomed out mode.
  • Add Map starts as a default tile.

Admin Gacha Editor
  • Fix Search functionality.
  • Fix count with search functionality.

Game Item Editor
  • Find out why it's breaking on updates of older items.
  • After Submission of image, MUST respond with hashes and replace current data.
  • After submitting new item, go into editing that same item.
    • Add callback to item submitting in normal item editor.
    • Fix pS in item editor.
  • Add give item to IGE.
  • Allow Item name editing in IGE.
  • Make all Item Option Events modular so that they may be used in multiple apps without initializing the entire application.
  • Fix Kogo file display in Item editor if the Kogo had no color at all.

Various bug fixes
  • Farm tutorial getting stuck due to recent animated tutorial popups implementation.
  • When loading an inventory over full capacity and moving the overflow to bank, the items would still appear as if they were in your inventory even though they were in the bank. (one cause of the "Could not be combined" bug)
  • When opening boxes, items that normally would go straight to the game server would show up in your regular inventory.
  • Changed how using item currencies in shops works to make it more efficient and less annoying for those with large inventories.
  • A Paypal glitch that could cause a new subscription with delayed confirmation to get stuck under certain circumstances.

This week we'll be releasing breeding! Last week was taken up significantly by Faceoff. A new Kogo land will release this week as well as the new Artist page.

Posted 542 days
Week of October 13

  • Fix weird teleport glitch (kogo goes to 0,0 for one frame) when showing damage via the generic attack animation.

Item Designer
  • Rebuild all images that have been approved this year.
  • Fix multiple issues in the designer app related to land items.
    • Could not set the background color without errors.
    • The size of the images for the pumpkin were avatar sized instead of pumpkin sized.
      • Fixed so canvas size is now custom for land items and default for all avatar items.
      • Width and height are set based on the images used dynamically.

RP Battle
  • Sort RP bank by number of tokens the item costs.
  • Show tokens after purchase is made.
  • Make menu appear in the right location.
  • New feature added to the DM tab, Token can be added or subtracted to prevent people from getting extras if the host has not.
  • Member page and information updates when you click on the button in the general page. Does not use already loaded information anymore.
  • Fixed bug on character creation page that would break mostly only for staff members.
  • Got RP battle back up and running.
  • HP bars for players added to the battle.

Selfie Bug
  • CSS was being overwritten at a random interval by an external file.
  • Fix issue where you could upset the loader when trying to take selfies too fast.

  • Mail was changed so that the sent folder shows how the message looked when it was received.
  • This may have broken other features, if you see anything strange please report it.

Item Design Admin Editor
  • You can now set items in designer to be land items.
  • You can now turn items off and on in the editor.
  • Editor now loads items that are disabled.

  • Fix faceoff fetcher. This is the system that loads all faceoffs and see what is currently active. This is difficult because you can enter faceoff 3 days before it starts.

Kogo Jobs Update
  • Fix you 0 exp display on Kogo Jobs Page.
  • 14 new Kogo jobs were added that currently go up to level 24.
  • A bunch of training jobs were added so that you can start working on a Kogo’s stats are level 10.
  • Fix jobs that people cannot participate in because their requirements are too high for that level.

  • You can have completed achievements and they are shown on the second page of the achievements.
  • Fixed sorting by percentage complete in progress tasks not being recognized at the decimal level when sorting (.9 percent would just be seen as 0)

  • Let’s test it, just to make sure.
    • Check to make sure custom colors work proper and go to default colors when breeding.
    • Card data missing from Kogos in barn slots.
      • Emit card data.
      • Must make sure to have card data for all Kogo in barn slots.
        • Changed all card data because it is needed by reference now due to breeding.
          • Loads data on barn load if the data doesn't exist.
          • Uses event listeners to keep up to date via the inventory being loaded.
      • User that is not the owner cannot edit the Kogo's cards.
      • Write script so all Kogo that have cards equipped know which cards they have equipped (i have no current way of knowing without loading the user’s inventory)
      • When adding and removing cards update the Kogo's card list
    Breeding Degradation
    • System that limits the amount of times a Kogo and its offspring can breed.

Paypal Updates
Paypal makes changes many times a week. We get ~7 emails everyday about various features being changed/are down for a while. This is why sometimes donations take longer then they should, because Paypal has gone down. Well, without sending a major email (Email that goes to all emails on the account) they changed a feature that in some cases would cause paypal not to know who made the payment and thus it would never be verified.

What else are we doing?

Right now we're working on the War of Wordcraft game. We're bringing that back to the forum for those that have requested it. The downside is all of the cards that were built for it previously have been lost.

Breeding is done and will be released soon!

Item Artist is still being worked on and will come out this week.

A new Kogo map has been finished. We are working on adding more Kogo to this new map.

We are working on some forum upgrades to help people build hangouts and guilds.

We are back at work on the Cinema editor! It's going well and the sooner that's done the sooner we can get this whole party started!

Posted 532 days
Week of October 20th

I apologize for the delay in posting this. Last Wednesday I had to do some emergency preparations for the first major snow storm we had that night, and the rocks in my back yard gave way and I fell and broke 4 ribs. I am currently unable to do many things, but I can and have been working to the best of my ability on a laptop.

Emergency Events - Events randomize every 2 hours.
  1. Kogo attacks the town.
    • They throw candy at it to weaken it and get it to go away.
    • Rewarded basically the same as with the werewolf.
  2. A ton of Candy Corn Kitty's (the Kogo) raid the town.
    • You go into town and start netting, one net makes them run away.
    • You get 1 candy per Kogo that runs away. (same candy as given out for werewolf)
  3. The same werewolf Kogo like creature attacks, this time we can have them standing by the Halloween NPCs. You have to use your Kogo to attack and deal as much damage as you can to the best. You are going to lose to it because it’ll have like 99999 HP but your goal is to fight it over and over so that all together you beat it.
    • At the end, if it is defeated candies given can be damage done divided by 100.
    • If you have any other cute ideas for other Emergency Events let me know.
    • Maybe something where they smash pumpkins? (the pumpkins don't go away for anyone other than the smasher and only for the emergency time period)
    • This can happen at random every 2 hours. (use the same timer as the Werewolf event to say like warning incoming attack)
    • Candies they get from event are a new candy that is used in the shop like normal.

  • Missing Entity data of whatever its transforming into for some reason.
  • Icon not automatically generated but might be due to the error above happening
  • Deleted my avatar? (only seems to happen with hatching specifically)
  • Not removing used assets properly

Cards Game
  • Add it to new Solia.
  • Rebuild entire data structure to remove database table that was card data only.
  • Rebuild a deck.
  • Fix all old variables that now collide with new global functions
  • Add Halloween Deck.
  • Add Tutorial
  • Build notice system to work with new site.
  • Remove database for card games and move into the topic itself.
  • Make sure game threads are compatible with hangout topics.

  • Error that would trigger when a prize bubble was to be displayed over another player's head and they DC'd.
  • Admins now have a specific interaction on mouse-move that will ignore objects that are not intended to be interact-able for about 3 seconds and then you will have to move your mouse again to re-trigger the effect but rarely are you going to have to re-trigger after you've clicked what you intended.
  • Time left send incorrect and is using a 6 hour interval with an offset.
  • Make beast attack more often.
  • No more netting the attacker for emergency events lol
  • Alice - update quests and add newest shop
  • Put removal of the Attacker into queue so if you come back from another tab you don't see two.
  • Attacker event spawned and Texture was undefined error. FIX IMPLEMENTED, TEST
  • Other people's candies are flying through the attacker MIGHT BE FIXED
  • If you run out of candies to throw, aim can get stuck on and candy is still in hand.
  • Can shoot while making candy
  • Pet dropping clean up seems to be a bit borked by turning on the new event features.
  • Send next event time on page load if the beasts have been defeated and server was restarted
  • Send time to everyone after all beasts are defeated
  • walking tool for this weeks gacha
  • Alice missing recipes for some reason
  • Hatching tutorial video
  • Timer to expire the swarm event after 1 hour.
  • FIX google login issue (thanks for changing variable names)
  • Spawn in Kogo swarm without having to refresh.
  • Despawn Kogo swarm when time is up
  • Some kind of message saying the swam has moved on.
  • Fix selfie editor -> once you pick a selfie any subsequent selections show the first image
  • Fix mail gifting still showing gifted item in the gifter's inventory (inventory update data handling bug not properly handling arrays)
  • Fixed 3 or 4 other locations that were using the same logic (mostly related to notification system and didn't cause any issues which is why it wasn't noticed)
  • Fixed gifting error using session->format_date and not user->format_date resulting in not seeing why the gift was not going through
  • Fixed timer to next event being off
  • Fixed shooting not being turned on/enabled when swarm or beast spawns
  • Put in code to prevent nets from being eaten due to other animations interrupting the projectile animation
  • Daily task notice update in session.php, now actually checks their data to see if they should get the Daily Task Complete (DTC) notice
  • Server now automatically updates the account notice of all those active for DTC (FUNs turn-in) at midnight
  • Random land button sometimes breaks and returns undefined
  • Fixed a turn order bug where slower Kogo could go first
  • Speed issue, slower kogo going first makes event basically impossible
  • Card levels and mp cost not displaying correctly
  • Starter items, recolor items, and value 0 items are now able to be placed in the sellbox after accepting confirmation. The item itself still needs to be set to discard/pawnable.
  • Fix sellbox item icon not moving back into inventory when withdrawing from the box
  • Eddie - Fix adult kibbit missing icon 1839766
  • Change item giving for yeti and battle to use a different function since the room might not be active when that event ends
  • If you clicked your mailbox first, doing anything else that requested the users inventory would open the gift selection for messaging instead of whatever was intended.
  • Fixed Kale’s follow up dialog not triggering on Talk
  • Fixed Kale’s follow up dialog being set to repeatable
  • Nets were shootable on any land even when there was nothing to net
  • Updating notice data in any case (some cases were not and the process has been streamlined due to growth of the notification system) will now will update your notifications in the header as long as you are still connected to the server.

This Weeks
  • More bug fixes.
  • Cinema System is still being worked on.
  • User Item Creation System is being worked on.
  • Bookmark paging has already been fixed this week.
  • Looking into some mysterious topic bugs that cause the forum to tell you the topic cannot be found.

Posted 528 days
Week of October 27th

  • The paging system for bookmarks had to be completely reworked. This was a major overhaul.
  • Topic bugs were fixed causing the topic page to display unavailable in err.

War of Warcraft
  • More tutorial and notification information was added.
  • Fixed bug where if a Judge skip skill was used and someone else had already played a card it would break the game for that person.

Random Land Button Expanded
  • List of lands is now sorted by how recent the person was online.
    • This way you are more likely to run into people as well as find people new to Solia! If you see someone you don't know, please welcome them!
  • Random Land Button now only searches lands that are available/exist. (You will not get lands that are admin only or disabled)
  • Random Land Button keeps track of the lands you have been to in the last hour, so that you never hit the same land twice when scavenging and you'll always have things to pick up.
  • Fixed bug where once you had gone though all of the lands that were active the button would stop working.

  • Fix turkey not getting hit.
  • Turkey hit noise was not playing.
  • Enabled Thanksgiving and removed all Halloween Code and timers.
  • Trick or Treating Ended.
  • Fixed arrows not enabling when hunt starts.
  • Fixed arrows crashing game when trying to fire.
  • Adjusted volume of turkey sound when hunt starts.
  • Bingo was setup for later this month.

  • Fixed egg hatch animation not playing for everyone in room.
  • Updated Kogo emergency event battle changes released.
  • Fixed a bug where follow pets would sometimes be loaded into the system as a Kogo and crash the server.
  • Fixed Kogo hatching error/crash that was caused by a loader issue.

  • Set up start of new month and subscription item.
  • When an NPC visitor leaves your land after chatting with you, they sometimes walk backwards when they leave.
  • Adjusted emergency event rewards in cases where there were 5 or fewer participants (battle and candy throw).
  • Fixed error that triggered when inside buildings by tiling algorithms.
  • Fixed arrow icon not showing in tool slot.
  • Other various fixes and tweaks due to event being a bit out of date with the rest of the code base.
  • Fixed admin item editor, when making a new subscription item it did not show December as an option, but was available when editing an existing subscription item.

This week seems short, but because last weeks post ran late we included what we had already done that week in last weeks post as well. This week it's more of the same.

  • Cinema System is still being worked on.
  • User Item Creation System is being worked on.
  • Getting back into more story.

Once the Cinema System is done things will really begin. We are hoping to have both the cinema and main battle system done by January.

Posted 513 days
Weeks of November 3rd and 7th

I am still recovering from breaking my ribs, so some days are good days, other days are bad days.

Kogo Rank Up
  • Build rank up data into kogo data.
  • 5 of this item. 3 Sparkles based on their type.
  • 10 of this item. 5 Sparkles and 1 Gem.
  • 20 of this item. 5 Gems.
  • 40 of this item. 10 gems.

Kogo Bugs/Etc
  • Bug that caused breeding Kogo to be unable to be used for anything or interacted with after its cooldown was complete.
  • Fixed Kogo editor not saving element of any Kogo and erasing the elements off of existing Kogo.
  • Kogo Breeding, Hatching & Transformation tutorial upgraded with breeding information, images (thanks Dek), and video

Card Game Updates
  • You cannot submit a card because you already have.
  • Judge cannot select a card because timer/not enough turned in.
  • Send out notices when player skips turn.
  • Judge Changes
  • Judge is now highlighted in game window.
  • Judge information was added to tutorial
  • Fix error causing people to get duplicate cards and then ruins the game for them.
  • Card Add after timer expires.
    • Must have a timer.
    • Save new data on posting page.
    • Keep the same Judge.
    • Do not update last round data.
    • Do not harm the enemy.
  • Add error when there is no timer for telling the judge that all players have not submitted yet.

Item Designer
  • Icon for approved items were being built incorrectly based on how the item was originally put into the editor.
  • Loading a design was not displaying the correct shader colors.

Support Tickets
We're expanding this greatly to add new functionality. This will alert staff better to tickets that require their attention as well as ticket assigning. This is still a work in progress and should be done this week.
  • Add message after admin responses (and response is greater than 1) that says, if your ticket is resolved, please close it.
  • Fix admin group editor, so that changes can be made to the support group.
  • Built display for escalation.
  • Build display for changing ticket types.
  • Fetch entire support time for assignment of a ticket.

Bingo Editor
  • Bingo task editor would break if a card was submitted with a square that had no task required to complete it.

  • Fix exit arrow being off screen inside buildings.
  • Walk trail items had a bug that would result in incorrect horizontal positioning.
  • A handful of people had pets following them but somehow didn't have them in their game inventory. I moved them over to their game inventories in order top prevent server crashes but they may need help removing the pet from following them as they may not be on their lands any longer.
  • Fixed boundaries not working on random room items (currently known to be trees, but the bug applied to any item recently edited)
  • Fixed some redundant data requests on server when loading into a land.
  • Item designer saving broken in some cases.
  • Item designer layer cloning broken in some cases.
  • Fix not be able to reach treasure chests in certain locations.
  • Add a light to the turkey so that you are able to see it in the dark.

  • Adding Friends & Foes in the party menu.
  • Viewing persons shadows in the party menu.

  • Cinematic Dialogue Editor
    - We're still plugging away at this. It has to be able to handle so many things and it just takes time.
  • Support Ticket Overhaul - This should be done this week and help expedite support tickets.
  • User Item Creation System - This may be finished this week with a little luck.
  • Kogo Park - We want to get you ways to level your Kogo so that you're better able to start breeding Kogo. This requires a number of world items and features that do not exist yet. More updates on this next week.
  • Kogo battle and in game interfaces will begin to update.

Posted 500 days
Kogo Star level

Once your Kogo reaches the required level it can unlock a star level. Some battle cards require that you are a certain Star level. You also gain bonus levels for each star level your Kogo increases. On the right you can see the difference between a 1 star Kogo and a 0 star Kogo.

You no longer are required to star level up your Kogo.

Star Levels
  1. At level 30 with a 0 star level Kogo.
  2. At level 50 with a 1 star level Kogo.
  3. At level 70 with a 2 star level Kogo.
  4. At level 90 with a 3 star level Kogo.
  5. At level 99 with a 4 star level Kogo.

Star Stat Charts
Levels 1-25
Spoiler: show

Levels 26-50
Spoiler: show

Levels 51-75
Spoiler: show

Levels 76-99
Spoiler: show

The stat charts show how many bonus levels are Kogo obtains for going up a star level.

    1 Star -> 4 Bonus Levels
    2 Star -> 14 Bonus Levels
    3 Star -> 25 Bonus Levels
    4 Star -> 38 Bonus Levels
    5 Star -> 51 Bonus Levels

Kogo Park

We're hard at work on Kogos and Kogo Park! Kogo Park will have many new Kogo as well as a plethora of Kogo Trainers to battle. This means you will be able to level up your Kogo much faster!


All the details on what has been worked on will be posted next Monday.

Posted 492 days
Week of December 1st

Item Artist
  • Artist Landing Page designed and implemented.
  • Simply Skinning
    • Load their game items.
    • Save image to server.
    • Give item unique color based on other colors that exist.
    • Allow them to use existing colors that they have already created.
    • All Items Colors 500+ do not have all chips, only use single image based on first hash and color. This is the complete image and needs to be used that way.
    • Items with seasons
      • Show all Seasonal Images.
        • Only show label for season if the image for that season exists.
      Items without seasons (Data structure is completely different from with seasons).
      Admin notification for when an item has been submitted for approval.
      Admin Approval Page.
  • Item Edits
    • Load Kogo Skins someone has already made, so they can set up their own unique transformations.
    • If a custom Kogo is bread or transforms it only passes on default colors or transforms into default colors.
  • Approval System
    • Provide a list of the artists own items and state what stage they are in.
    • Make a list for approvers that show the full item.

Note: Approving system is not 100% and will be worked on in the upcoming days.

Kogo Star Changes
  • Able to level to 100 on all star levels.
    • Give them a notice when they CAN star up, and explain to them that it is not required, but it will increase the Kogo stats.
      • Each star level requires same level requirements as it used to
        • Each level requirement also needs a star level requirement to prevent skipping star levels.
    • Tutorial for how to increase star level.
  • NPC battle encounters now require a star level.
  • Change Kogo Cards to require star level.
  • Update stat functions to take star level into account on calculation.
  • Star level increases all stats.
    • Need new stat formula.
    • Build a chart that calculates and compares each star level to test formulas.
  • Add Star level to Kogo battle encounter, so NPCs can have Kogo of different star levels.
  • Add Star level requirements to cards in admin editor.

Support Tickets
  • Add message after admin responses (and response is greater than 1) that says, if your ticket is resolved, please close it.
    • Edit so that Support staff do not see this message, only ticket creator.
  • Ticket Notifications
    • Notify all support staff (level 1) of a new ticket.
    • Notify higher level support when a ticket is escalated.
  • If a ticket has been updated since the person loaded it and they are trying to submit, load and display the new data first and prompt them.
    • Keep the post they have made with the refresh.
  • Escalation
    • On escalation automatically make a small update from the person telling the ticket owner the ticket was escalated.
  • Assignment
    • Get all support staff members.
    • Update support level based on who the ticket was assigned to.
    • On assignment, automatically make a small update from the person telling the ticket owner the ticket was escalated.
  • Change the type of ticket.
    • If it becomes a feedback ticket the status of the ticket needs to change.
    • If the ticket was feedback and the ticket becomes something else the status needs to change as well.
  • Keep track of people handling tickets.
    • Escalating
    • Posting on.
    • Closing.
  • Display the data for how much support work each person has done this month.
  • Open ticket notifications, if the ticket is not your own I need to give you that data as well so that helping can be made faster.
  • On ticket close, remove all notices for:
    • Person it was assigned to.
    • All low level support staff.
    • If escalated, all escalation staff.
  • Fix bug in assigning not giving notices.
  • Staff could not see escalated tickets.
  • Show the correct ticket count based on the staff member looking at the tickets.
  • Show what tickets are assigned to or have been escalated to your group.
  • Fix assigning bug, where if ticket was already escalated and then assigned the ticket would go outside the scope of escalation.
  • Do not clear notice when a ticket that was assigned to you has been viewed. Only clears when responded to or you assign it to someone else.
  • A million notification bugs later, hopefully it’s fixed.
  • Remove notices from lower level staff when a ticket has been escalated.
  • Add prevent default to rows in support list to prevent # in URL.

Note: If you had a support ticket during the change over you may have a notice that is stuck. Please open a new ticket and let us know so we can fix it for you.

Map Editor
  • Two biggest additions this week are the Water tiles and the Mountain Tiles. The water tiles are even animated! If you are a beta tester you can check them both out in Lands 25 and 15.
  • Worked on assigning and removing actors to animations and whatever kinks related to animations in the Cinema editor.
  • Fix loader errors when clicking to add props and NPCs fast. (queue them up, unshift the load so it's first)
  • Fading inactive actors to make it easier to see what we're working with in an animation.
  • Finish add and remove actors to current animation and all the data objects and HTML that needs to be maintained and managed.
  • Fix spawn points and exits disappearing when moving around the map editor.
  • Fix spawn points and exits not being able to be re-added to the same position after one was removed.
  • Fixed auto populating grass when loading a map that already has its own data.
  • Repair right click menus not working on NPC actors.
  • Change movement of NPCs to work like prop changes (instant drag ability when selecting an unselected target)
  • Fix prop loading bug where you click 3 times and only see two props.
  • Created a prop loading variable that won't let the editor add more of a prop until the first has finished loading its data from the server
  • Prop actors icons match NPCs in actor list.
  • Get animated tiles working in map editor and in game.
  • Tiles were not animating due to optimizations on that layer -> need dedicated layer for animated tiles.
  • Collision tiles for animated water & algorithm to combine tiles where we can to reduce lag.

Avatar Changes - While this list is quite small if all changes were named this would take over the page.
  • Extra eye was fixed when using a facial emote.
  • Many items and repairs were made to the world avatar to fix various issues.
  • All outstanding avatar bugs have been addressed.
  • Snow drop aura was changed to work correctly.
  • Fix ponds
    • Ponds changed placement location because they are using images and not spines

Caroling Event
  • New facial expression added.
  • Christmas cane added.
  • Event functionality added.

Residential Part of Town
Many new buildings were added along with the whole new area. This is not 100% done yet. NPCs will walk between the town and their residence during different parts of the (In game) day. You may not always be able to access their shops, but you may be able to turn in quests or get quests from them while they're away from work. You will also have the opportunity to learn about their home lives. Expect for this to get much bigger in the coming weeks.

  • Bug where foot trail tool items wouldn't be removed properly when unequipped.
  • Sorceress Journey Trail was updated and now has a start animation before becoming a solid trail.
  • Fixed NPC gifting bug that was crashing server when missing certain data.
  • Turn off Thanksgiving.
  • Add Santa Helper to Linden, reset Secret Santa room list, and update Secret Santa timestamps/deadlines.
  • Figure out why Secret Santa box is not showing up in known recipes.
  • Recipes are not communicating updates when changed.
  • Make treasure hunter pets run to the treasure instead of the interact boundaries.
  • Change gifting to only allow one gift per box per day.
  • Fix gifting app not working.
  • Gift class missing from items.
  • Click listener selector was wrong.
  • Add ability to add custom HTML attributes to global display function.
  • Fix extra land height on Linden town.

What are we doing this week?
  • Residential Expansion!
  • Cinema System
  • Kogo Park (Hopefully released soon)
    • Kogo Park is not located close to the town. It is in between Linden and Sorven. There will be many maps between Kogo park and Linden. But for now you will be teleported to Kogo park so that you can really get to leveling your Kogo.

Posted 486 days
Week of December 8th

  • Notifications for battle starting when I am not in a battle.
  • Roleplaying battle stuck when the timer expires.
    Auto Battle
    • Feature had never been implemented.
    • When all players have taken their turn, regardless if time is up or not, they enemy needs to attack.
    • If timer is up the enemy needs to attack.
    • Fix bug in battle ending that send the DM to a 404 page.
    • Player Death
      • Disable photo.
      • Prevent them from attacking.
      • Can only be healed by a res spell.
      • Give DM the ability to kill off a character.
      • If you are dead, battle alert needs to be removed.
      • If all players are dead, end battle.
      Battle Animations
      • Players Attacking
      • Monsters Attacking
      • This system is far from done, many skills and other abilities will be added to this in the future.
    • Allow DMs to cancel battles that they have created before it has started.
    • Only alert joined/approved members to the battle starting.
  • Make it so the end of round post is only posted by the DM.
  • If the DM ends the battle notifications need to be removed.
  • Create dungeon button was added to the RP panel inside the Dungeon Master tab.
    • Remove auto-complete on reload.
    • Allow starting points to make a post.
    • Fix broken map data when battles had no other events.
    • In dungeon event options buttons were appearing both on and off at the same time.
    • Markers on tiles are being shown at 40% opacity when they should be 100%.
    • Show what square is being edited.
    • If players die in battle, end the dungeon.
    • If character is dead inside of a dungeon disable their portrait.
      Walls & Locks
      • You must go to an area, and another square unlocks.
      • Show what square is being unlocked when you select the key tile.
      • Remove from editor if they did not assign a lock that is being unlocked for a key.
      • On saving warn if there is no key on the map to unlock this square.
      • Squares may not have more than one of the following: Locked Doors, Keys for Doors or Obstacles.

Admin Game Editor
  • Fixed not being able to set actions back to none in the game item editor.
  • Editor tool used to create custom boundaries no longer worked.

Land Changes
  • Collision tiles for animated water & algorithm to combine tiles where they can to reduce lag.
  • Bridge system for walking over impassable terrain.
  • Adjusted jump distance calculations when jumping over in game objects.
  • Add custom ordering functions so when you jump down you appear over the object you are jumping over.
  • When jumping over an obstacle don't allow the avatar to smile.
  • When jumping, update position to room to make the transition appear smoother to everyone else.
  • When jumping off a cliff add code to make sure the viewer sees the actor jump over the ledge.

Cinema System
Aside from bug fixing and tweaks to existing parts of the system as necessary, most of the work done pertained to animations and managing their variables, inputs, and actors. From stuff like displaying and updating stored data where necessary to dynamically adjusting the available input choices based on the changes (as actors are added and removed from an animation and various variables are updated.) Various input systems were also implemented or upgraded depending on their previous progress and usability. Upgraded “ghost” system so it's easier to understand what the result of an animation will be while editing it as well.

  • Fix bug in the notice system.
  • Fixed a bug that would cause your game to get stuck if someone caroled on the same land while you were tabbed out of the game.
  • Caroling would not work for some people.
  • Falling snowflakes item actually supposed to work like Angelic feathers and not autumn leaves and fall while idle.
  • Fixed bug crashing server when trying to set a pet to follow you.

What's coming this week?

Notification System
The removal of notifications is being completely remade to make the process faster. This may cause some notifications to be stuck in the interim, if you have a stuck notification please open a support ticket.

RP System
  • Dungeons will be released. You may preview them in my topic.
  • The party walking in the dungeon.
  • New Skills.
  • Character Progression and Leveling.
  • DM Adding RP Bank items to the dungeon so that items may be given out as rewards.

Cinematic System
This should hopefully be finished this week and we'll make a video to show you the results.

Kogo Park
Now that water and ledges have been finished we are going to move forward with the updated design of Kogo park. We'll have videos made of the water and ledges for you all soon.

Posted 472 days
We hope everyone had a Merry Christmas! Here is an update of everything that has been going on.

Roleplay Dungeons
    • Specified Battles were not reloading correctly.
    • Specified Battles were not saving correctly.
    Character Sheets
    • On submission of new character they are now given a level.
    In Forum
  • Fix RP panel player data.
  • Make a process for removing people from the RP if they have deleted their account.
  • Dungeon Start has a notification all of its own.
  • Dungeon View for players
  • Dungeon view for the DM.
  • Change dungeon saved avatar if it is incorrect on dungeon action.
  • Service Decided Battles - Battles calculated based on all this data.
    • Average Level
    • Average HP remaining
    • # Alive.
    • Total HP between all players alive.
    Tracking Data - Data kept while you're in the dungeon.
    • If the battle at this square has been fought before or not.
    • What squares have they seen before.
    • What has not been interacted with that the players know exists.
    • Storing what items the DM has put in each treasure chest.
    Moving Between Tiles
    • Store Votes.
    • Make sure votes are valid.
    • If a majority has voted or if the timer has expired start the next square.
    DM Ends Dungeon
  • If the dungeon is ended, all items that were in the dungeon are returned to the RP Bank.

RP Bank
  • Adding items from bank to treasure chests.
  • Speed of the RP bank has been significantly increased.

Calendar Updates
The 0/53 week of the year is always a pain. No matter how many times it is simulated it will always seem to break. On the 29th it was fixed and on the 30th it had to be fixed again. A change was made so hopefully it will work from here on out. There is a single instance that happens once ever 7 years that may cause it to break.

Notification System
This was largely revamped to prevent stuck notices and to improve speeds on the server when multiple notices were being removed at the same time.

Cinema System
Animation "ghosts" are now updated live as changes are made to inputs in the editor.
Many bugs related to Animation inputs, actors, and "ghosts" have been fixed, and animations can now be saved and managed by the editor.
Since everything can now be loaded and managed by the editor, cinemas can now be loaded from a saved state.
Final steps involve saving edited cinemas, new cinemas and being able to preview (play, pause, stop) the current cinema while editing.

Event Updates
  • Fix OTHER people's Snowballs go though yeti.
  • Block interaction with user shop when throwing.
  • Increase the snow ball speed.
  • Slow down Yeti movement speed.
  • Radar arrows to show where it is when not on screen.
  • Fix yeti arrow display bugs.
  • Adjust Yeti icon size (smaller).
  • Arrow adjust to take icon’s scale into account.
  • Fix Yeti radar display when facing opposite directions.
  • Prevent Throwables despawning at top of screen with a downward trajectory.
  • Yeti radar notification needs to go away when the yeti is destroyed.
  • Fix radar not going away when yeti runs.
  • Fix attack timer not resetting when yeti runs.

  • Button now in inventory to save dream avatar images as pngs. (Thank you Aglaea for the suggestion)
  • Fix issue with radar pets and scavenging where bubbles would not disappear after clicking on them.

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