Posted 908 days
No more Previews yet, but maybe something later today.

Kogo Quest admin editor was made, and this feature was completely ironed out.
- Every 6 hours you will get new jobs your Kogo's can do. Any Kogo's with the stats required to do the job may go off and do it. The rewards a single job change, but you will know exactly what you are getting before sending your kogo off. This means that you can have the same job come up more then once and it give you different rewards each time. Some rewards are rarer then others.

I am working on maybe the barn, but I have already been making a selfie sticker manager. Since you all will eventually have thousands of stickers you will be able to turn off and on the ones you want to see, so maybe you want to add something to your sticker collections, but you don't actually want to use it.

The item menu used is both the selfie system and market was updated today.
Before the Update:

Posted 908 days
The selfie sticker manager, this morning is was a concept and now it's reality. See for yourselves. ... 9655127040

Posted 907 days
You can now see how much of each item you have when crafting so you can know what you're running low on!

Posted 902 days

Posted 901 days
Referral System Preview: ... 3793230850 (already works at reg, but I am still working on the URLs before it goes live).

Posted 900 days
Town Inventory has been changed to paging style:

Posted 900 days
Affiliate page released yesterday, check it out!

Press Page was updated this morning.

Donation Page Update
New Donation page Mobile Example, Thanks to D. Cress

Affiliate Link Change (old link still works, this one is just nicer)

Masking bug fixed.

Katsu's Ear in World
She was missing an ear, it's back now.

Quick Reply BBcode buttons
They now have proper tooltips to give helpful tips on how to use them when you mouse over.

Login Updates
Login Errors now have information about the support email.
When logging in with a Solia account the support information is there in case you forgot your old password.

Mail Forward
When viewing a mail you may now forward it.

Mail Report
When viewing mail you may report it and explain the situation.

If you ever find a speller error or mistake on a site page (not forum), please open a support ticket. Your help is much appreciated.

Posted 897 days
Post Report
Post Report System is in.

Friend/Foe Management
This is in the works and should be finished later today.

Posted 896 days
Inventory, Shops, Market
Fixed a bug that could cause your inventory to not load when you went to the page.
Changed/optimized some server functions and now all 3 should be faster.

Item Designer
Fixed a bug where you couldn't start a new item while editing another item.

Posted 896 days
There is an easy way to manage your friends and foes now. You can access this by clicking your name in the top right.

We're working on some crafting improvements, so that hopefully as soon as whatever you are crafting is finished (say copper) you can immediately use them instead of having to move them from your bank.

Newest Gacha now shows on the homepage.

Support Tickets
System improved, a new category was added. Several parts made to look nicer and more informative.

Posted 895 days
Posting speed was improved by 2000% this morning. When you post it will go though much much faster.

Posted 895 days
Gold amount in the header now updates as you gain or lose gold!

Posted 888 days
Fixed food menu not showing you your food.
Name sorting now works again.
Fixed a bug that wouldn't let you plant anything but sunflowers.
Paging has also been added to the Remove Items menu to prevent your game from being overtaken by it.

Posted 887 days
Homepage - Newest Item Designer creations have been added.

Body Changing - Fixed cost bug that was causing it to break. Removing/recoloring facial markings will only ever cost funs.

Posted 886 days
Avatar - A number in game layering/display issues have been fixed with the avatar.

Item Designer - There is a new recipe (don't buy it) it is for pumpkin carving that will be coming for Halloween! You will be able to make your own LAND items! The designer needs to be changed in order to handle this new type of item and I should hopefully have it done later today.

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