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and my word everything's changed! last time i was here it was just a forum created to scavange gaiaonline's dying body (and solia's world that i just got dropped into seems remarkably similar to gaia's zOMG! or is that just me?)

i mean, last time i was active here was 2010. something just reminded me of this a few minutes ago, i don't even remember what, and i wanted to see if this place still exists - looks like it's thriving!

so...yeah. i'm trying to get my old "character" (that i remember as an avatar) back by logging into my legacy account but it doesn't seem to be actually working, idk why.

tbh, im kinda overwhelmed right now! i guess i'll poke around, see what's what


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Its easier to catch people in game then it is on the forum. I find things most active on weekday afternoons. (US time) The world is more like Pokemon to me. You can battle by collecting animals to fight for you. Its still in testing, and there's been word they're adding our characters to battle so it will be you + kogo (battle pet) fighting instead of just kogos alone. Its a good time to jump in, there's still enough time to get the Halloween stuff done if you're quick about it. Throw your avatar in quickly to Faceoff and you'll be able to earn some bags before it ends Monday. You don't have to dress up.

Vexous has an event going where she's giving out a lot of good items to get you started.
https://solia.online/forum/Solian+Commu ... On/342810/
Maybe aim for some pets since they have game use. You'll need to level your jobs before you can get the good pet skills, but having a pet ready for when you get those skills will be helpful. They're otherwise pretty expensive for the in game ones, and ones like Vexous is giving away cost Luna. An upside, if you don't get them is anything you need can be earned in game, things that cost money are just cosmetic upgrades. Like pets that are 'kitties' have Treasure Hunter, but in game you can get a pig that has it. So you're not missing out if you don't have the luna stuff.

If you have any questions you can drop me a mail, you start with a mailbox you can place on your own land or use any mailbox you see by clicking them. It doesn't have to be your own, There's guides for most stuff here https://solia.online/forum/Solia%20User%20Guides/153/

This one in particular can get you up to using those good pet skills asap :wink:
https://solia.online/forum/Solia%20User ... ST/368715/

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I don't know what's going on. I can't seem to get out of the tutorial town. I first started with trying to resurrect my legacy account but had to make a new character so I thought I hadn't, picked up the gold and the fishing rod with my newly made character on my old username, deleted that character in case that was what was stopping me bringing my legacy account back, made a new character but now I'm in the tutorial farm and there's no gold and no fishing rod - I can't accept the Tamer quest, or do the practice fishing, and whenever I try to do to another world (e.g. click on your name to mail you) I'm taken back to the tutorial farm.

I'm so confused.

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Heya Felixious. It sounds like you may have found a bug. Please click your profile on the top right of the page and click 'I need help' then select bug report from the dropdown and tell them exactly what you put here (you can copy/paste if needed) and one of the admins should be able to get it fixed up for you!

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OK, submitted a ticket, thanks

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