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here's a gallery of all the solia images i have on my computer. dunno if it'll help but it's better than nothing!

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Just decided to come see how Solia is doing for the first time in a long time. Sad to hear what happened, I managed to find a few old images and I'm sure I must have some more somewhere. This was my old avatar: Image
Sadly I don't think any of the items I bought have carried over.
I'll add more if I come across any.

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Would any PSD files for items help you speed up the process? I have a handful still on my external harddrive. I may be able to retrieve more files that I made at least from my old laptop if the screen cooperates/behaves. I'll double check on saved copies of avis I have as well. :oooh:

Also hello! It's been so long! Holy crap.

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Mitsuko wrote:...
I don't know what all is missing/not missing yet since there's still a lot to go through and I prioritized looking for things that would have transferring things. The biggest problem I'm running into is a psd having not all the pieces of a set. So if you have any that were divided in any way those definitely help.

Still have my email? Its same as always.

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I think for sets that I made, I kept them on the same PSD file but in different groups. I'm at work right now, so I'll confirm that once I'm home later tonight.

I think I do. I have one from when I first started way back. I'll send you a test email.

EDIT: I sent you an email. Hopefully I got the right one... Lol =A=;;

Damien Blackheart
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Not sure if this is of any help, but this was the avatar I had, before all these changes happened. I had a lot more items, but sadly, I only managed to get the one screenshot, not knowing that this would even happen, since the site was running so smoothly then. I feel like such an idjit for it too. Lol


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Apparently I had an oooold photobucket album of just... random avis and items saved?
I have no idea, I blame being a teenager... ... rary/Solia

Damien Blackheart
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Seems that I forgot about this section of my inventory as well, but sadly, the other screenshots I used to have, all disappeared. At least I managed to save bits and pieces of what I once had, so I'm hoping that those files can be found, and used again.

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I have found screenshots of my old WL items:

Damien Blackheart
Posted 517 days
Misaki♥Ayuzawa wrote:...

I actually used to have a good number of those items, before I ended up forgetting about this site, and it going through all these changes on us. That being said though, I hope that purple Nekomata cat makes its return, along with several more things, like the Twilight Star's magickal necklace pose.

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I don't receive notifications for being quoted and it would be nice indeed to see some items return~

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