Zetsu Ai
Posted 387 days
Hey, all!
Wow, this place sure has changed.
I am Zetsu, a Twitch streamer, Youtuber and artist... in my free
time. Currently studying optics, and it's fun as heck! I work part-time at a big optics-chain and I love it! Though, I hope to keep my job, as my shifts have been reduced due to COVID-19, since the flow of customers has stagnated... Ugh.
I do art commissions on the side, you can DM me if interested. :)

Hope to see you all around, and don't forget to check out all my social media - https://linktr.ee/zetsuai89

Posted 387 days
Hi there! And welcome back since it sounds like you used to hangout here before. :^_^:
Is Optics like an eye doctor/glasses or something else?

Posted 386 days
Like, marketing Optics or Optometrists?

If you like art you might like the new art features. We can make items now.
Features are here once you get the job from Artie
Here you can see some people are selling

Zetsu Ai
Posted 385 days
@mjoif: An optical assistant, actually. :) It's a lot of fun. Yes, for glasses and lenses. I am the one who's on the floor in the store, and I handle advice, orders and purchases. :)

@赤い蝶: ^
I will make sure to check the links out, that's awesome! Used to do a lot of pixel work back in the day. ^^

Posted 385 days
That’s really cool! Did you need any kind of special training for that?

Posted 363 days
Heyy i remember you username! Welcome back!

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