Posted 268 days
I feel like I missed something somewhere >__>
I've been gone several years but this isn't even the same site anymore.. Let alone the masses of items I had .. guess all of that is lost and gone?

Posted 268 days
Its not the same site, the old one closed some years ago and then they made a game.
Some things transferred, but if you weren't active near the end of the last site you may not have anything. If you do though it will be in your bank.

Posted 251 days
That’s unfortunate. I’ve lost stuff on here twice now. At least I think?

Posted 250 days
I think there was one other instance of lost items but I’m not sure.

If you don’t mind the (very dead) forums and want to give the new game a go, I have items I can gift you - I’m on my way off the site because I realized everything I’d loved before was in the forums and that’s all gone now.

Posted 244 days
Hi Tofu. Hi Moif. I dont know if you remember me, but I remember both of you. :P
And yeah, I just logged back on today- this site is... well it isn't solia how I remember it anymore.

I probably wont be making anymore posts after this, but I found it really odd (to even find my way onto the forums after the new "game" wouldnt load) how much this site seems to have changed... and like... not for good either. Oh well. It was nice to see some familiar names. <3

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