Have you made a hybrid kogo yourself?

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Posted 165 days
Kogos with parents of two different species have mixed properties! I mostly am interested in making ones with fun colours, but for the statistics-interested, I figured I'd put out the info in a place more accessible than the signpost on my land (which also has an ongoing log of sorts).

Made hybrid kogos of your own? Have an ideal hybrid? Add them/talk about them here! As much or as little information as you please, even just a picture is fine.

If you're looking for information on how to breed kogos including hybrids, http://soliaonline.wikidot.com/world:breeding is a good place to look.

Posted 165 days
Ones I have made so far (copied from my sign):
1 byakonstella - blue-green and brown byakko kitten (constella mother)
3 byakys - byakko kittens with variant brown colouration (aky parent)
1 owfen - white and brown fen chick (owprin parent)
1 fenprin - blue and brown owprin chick (fen parent)
+1 owfen - light blue and brown owprin chick (owprin parent)
+ light grey and brown owprin chick
+ light blue and brown fen chick
+ two shades of brown fen chick (of hybrid blue owprin and caught green fen)
+ solid light brown owprin chick (of hybrid blue owprin and caught green fen)
+ alrunaky - dark brown aky pup with blue stripe (alrune female, aky male)
+ 2 akyonstellas - sandy-coloured aky pup with teal stripe, and light brown aky pup with blue stripe (constella female, aky male)
+ dark blue and brown owprin chick (blue fen female, vest-wearing owprin male)
+1 akyalrune - tan aky pup with black stripe (aky female, alrune male)
+1 alrunakko - green and tan byakko kitten (byakko female, alrune male)

Posted 165 days
The eldest blue owprin chick (near the top of the list, there - they're roughly chronological) is female, and when I raised it to adulthood turned out to have only 3 times it could breed. I didn't have fen essences to give its mother, which may have been why.

Posted 86 days
+1 akyalrune - light tan aky pup with black stripe (aky female, alrune male)
+1 owfen - light blue and brown owprin chick (caught regular owprin female, caught green fen male)
+1 fenprin - purple! and brown fen chick (owprin female, fen male)
+1 owfen - dark blue and dark brown owprin chick (owprin female, fen male)
+1 akyalrune - tan aky pup with cerulean stripe (aky male, alrune female)
+1 byakky - grey-brown female byakko kitten with tan stripes (hybrid brown and green aky female, byakko male)
+1 byakkalrune - very pale green female byakko kitten with light grey-brown stripes (alrune female, byakko male)

Posted 86 days
Since it seems the sign is full (my posts have ended up just '1' a couple of times) I'm using this as my log instead.

The first akyonstella (sandy brown and teal) is now an adult! She had only a couple essences, and can only breed twice. She's more magic resistant than a usual aky, but still has low defense.
The second akyonstella (I think?) fared better in defense, and can breed 3 times. She's more well-rounded over all. She might not be akyonstella - it seems I forgot to record one. She's medium brown with a bright blue stripe.

Posted 51 days

Posted 4 days
+1 alrunstella - solid dark blue male alrune kitten (constella female, alrune male)
+1 akyalrune - tan female aky pup with a grey stripe (aky female, alrune male)

Posted 4 days
Maybe we can share breed tips?
I've found that if you want certain colors, eliminate as many unwanted colors from the parents as you can because the colors MIX.
So if you want Blues try to use parents who are almost entirely blue. Like if you get a single color baby keep it for breeding even if you don't want it long term.

Also use babies to find out what counts as colors. For example I think Alrune breeds as a blue/blue for its main fur and its spots. Makes it great for breeding if you want blue. I've never had a baby come out with a different tail, so I don't believe the tail colors count in breeding. When breed with Constella (Blue/Yellow) I got a baby Constella that's light and dark blue, but I've also had green come from this pair showing the colors can mix. I avoid breeding Byakko because it adds too many Brown outcomes. I don't seem to get black no matter the combo, just browns so you'd probably need a Kitorn to get the blacks in there.

Yellow, Green, and Brown all seem to bring brown into the possibilities on the baby.

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