Anne Who
Posted 437 days
hey y’all! i used to be on this site way too much, and it’s been a really long time since i’ve been on. a common thing i see ppl say is “wow things sure have changed around here.” so i’m sorry if this sounds repetitive, but wooooow this is a whole entire new set up. i remember when they were still trying to get farming to be a thing, now there’s a whole world? i haven’t even explored that yet, i’m so overwhelmed lol i usually just hang out around the forums anyway.

one question though, what happened to all my stuff? i was reading around but couldn’t really get a grasp of what happened. seems like a bunch of older stuff just got thrown out when solia made the switch. i was really upset at first, i put a lot of time and energy into my account. but i’m over cause that’s life lmao if anyone has any tips into transitioning from the old style of playing to now i’d really appreciate it! i’m sure once i poke around more i’ll understand.

im not sure if any of my old friends are still here, so feel free to chat! my name is anne, i’m 26 (someone make time stop please lol being an adult isn’t fun anymore) and i’m from ny. i mostly watch tv shows and work, i’m a cat lady with three cats and that’s everything interesting about me. the end.

tl;dr what’s happening where am i and where is all my stuff

Posted 437 days
Hi there!!
I’m equally an old solían who just came back recently although it sounds like my hiatus was a lot shorter than yours. But funnily enough I am also 26, haha. Maybe there’s something about that age that has us reaching back for the things we used to enjoy so much. :P ... rs/368734/
I find this thread to be a really good overview on what all went down with the items going away. If you’ve got more specific questions after that I can try to help answer them or I’m sure others on the site will be able to if I can’t.

Anne Who
Posted 436 days
we’re tired of working and paying taxes lol give us back our childhoods

thank you for the link! it does answer a few questions. kinda sad that a lot of items were lost due to the transition, i feel bad for the users who put actual money into their accounts. i’m not even going to bother to file a ticket tho cause i don’t even remember if i had anything worth while.

im not sure how much i like the new world. i have to give it more of a chance, but the reason i left gaia in the first place was cause their virtual world was being introduced, so this is kinda ironic to me. i can only use the mobile version so hopefully i won’t run into any problems. wish me luck as i finally do this tutorial lol

Posted 436 days
I use the world on mobile, but rarely on the forum. World works pretty well on mobile. I'm around almost every day chat me up if you're around.

Anne Who
Posted 436 days
thank you! i’m still getting used to things, mostly just looking around. but im sure i’m going to have a lot of questions lol

Posted 436 days
Yea... I'm definitely one of the users who lost a good chunk. I was around at least though when it happened, so I also got a fair amount transferred over and it wasn't long before the item hoard built up again, haha. I remember at the time also being at least a little excited for some of the new features that Solia was supposed to be getting as a result of the change-over, so it didn't bother me as much as it might have.

But between so much of the community vanishing, and my life getting a lot busier I drifted away until I just didn't come back. Then in the last couple of months I've been doing a really good job of un-busying myself and so I've been taking some of the extra time to go back to things I used to love, like here. So that's my story.

The world is definitely overwhelming. If you want to try to get into it, I'd start with just scavenging (which is mostly hopping between worlds using the random wold button and grabbing the little floating bubbles) and farming. I would just say farming, but if I remember correctly you're going to need the materials from scavenging to be able to farm. And farming is the thing that's been around the longest and will probably be the most familiar, if you did that at all before you left.

Anne Who
Posted 435 days
i remember you from my short time. looked around and saw ur post in the art forums, instantly remembered ur art style.
man if i was around when that happened idk if i would have stayed lol kinda glad i drifted off so i didn’t have to go through that. i can just pretend this is a whole new game :) and yea life gets wild man. glad to know almost everyone goes back to these sites when life gives them a break.
thankfully i’m rlly good at scavenging lol i’m probably gonna do just that until i feel more familiar. thank you so much!

Posted 435 days
Oh wow, that’s such a huge compliment to me that you remembered my art style! I never really was sure if even had one, haha.

Yea... it’s just too bad that people drifting back in isn’t enough to give the forum more life.

You’re very welcome!

Posted 410 days
Hi! Welcome back. :) I'm 25, so maybe it's a gravitational thing for our age group. I dunno. xD

I got back into Solia in August-September last year after a bunch of years. At the beginning I wasn't very happy that the items I bought way back when were gone, but the game has gone in a really cool direction and I'm fine with it now. :) It helps I don't have a really great memory though. xwx There's still the avatar interface from the past, and that was one of the biggest draws before, and it's been made even better. owo

If you're interested in pixeling designs or editing images, Solia has a great Artist section (and a forum) for things to wear or edit stuff on your land. Not just forum art. :3

I really like collecting my favorite Pets and Kogo, though I don't always get them. x'D

Vexous has a really great hangout called Mythrensari's Royal Casino, where she hosts card games (like community made Cards Against Humanity), random games and other threads with really neat roleplays for some holidays. When you earn points there you can choose from the items available for what you want, and there are more items available for the holiday events than day-to-day. :) There's also the Dream Avatar Creator tab in your Inventory, where you can try on avatar items and add them to your wish list, and Vexous can add the items she has that might be on your wish list if you post it here. You have to create a roleplay character to earn those points though. But man the new roleplay stuff for forums is great too. xD

There's also a Wishlist Gacha that shows up every now and then with the items that the biggest amount of people have on their wishlist, too.

One of the biggest helps is the User Guides Forum, but putting in tickets and asking in the right places really helped me get more used to playing this new Solia too. :3

Posted 398 days
Welcome back. A lot of the old stuff is coming back just with different names and you have to sadly re-obtain them, like the new St Paddy's day stuff is the old Fey items.
Let me know if you have any questions, I'll do my best to answer them for you.

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