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Welcome to the T.E.S Event Thread!


Join in of a variety of scavenger hunts and solve some puzzles!
Everything you complete will earn you a T.E.S Coin that can be traded in for great prizes!

Event will Run from Feb 14th to Feb 28th
PM Vexous to claim prizes when you have enough coins!

Username // Coins (and prizes claimed)

Misaki♥Ayuzawa // 9 Coins // (41 coins worth of stuff claimed)
Miku Asukito // 13 Coins // (69 coins worth of stuff claimed)
Hurbird // 25 Coins // (20 coins worth of stuff claimed)
eliechan // 60 Coins
Strawberry // 0 Coins // (20 coins worth of stuff claimed)
赤い蝶 // 20 Coins
AlloAllo // 25 Coins
shadica // 20 Coins
Coralinde // 5 Coins

Other ways to win stuff if you dont want to be apart of the event: Find these sign posts on my land and win stuff daily!
Spoiler: show


*part of "The Elven Sanctuary's Royal Casino"
Click here to learn more: [main thread]
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Thread Rules:

- Be respectful to others.
- Only choose Items you actually want.
- DO NOT claim items for selling or profit - you will be banned from future events.
I understand tastes change, but if a reasonable amount of time has not passed and you sell or trade the items, you will be banned.
This includes intent to sell or trade ie offering the items but the trade does not go through
- If you wish to claim something you already have but I'm offering a recolor-able one,ask for a trade :)
- You may give your reward choice to others - just pm me and i will let them know on your behalf.
- To claim luna you MUST be a level 7 merchant.

- I reserve the right to change any rules as i see fit


- xxxx
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Valentine Puzzles

All of the puzzles will be listed here as they are released,
The newest one can be found on the sign post on Vexous's Land, be sure to visit!

Every Complete puzzle earns you 5 T.E.S Coins!
(Trade them in for an item of your choice at the prize counters)

Do not post the answers on the forums,
You can discuss them and give clues, working together is encouraged.
Once you have completed a puzzle PM it to Vexous,
Tittle the pm with "Valentine Puzzle Day #".
You can print out and work on them then sent me a scan or photo,
Or you can do them digitally.
You do not need to complete the puzzle the day it comes out.
PM Vexous to claim prizes when you have enough coins!

The Puzzles;
Spoiler: show
Puzzle for Day 1:

Puzzle for Day 2:

Puzzle for Day 3:

Puzzle for Day 4:

Puzzle for Day 5:

Puzzle for Day 6:

Puzzle for Day 7:
Coming soon

Puzzle for Day 8:
Coming soon

Puzzle for Day 9:
Coming soon

Puzzle for Day 10:
Coming soon
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Valentines Scavenger hunt

For this hunt we have 3 different lists, each one is different in it's own way,
Can you find them all?

Rules/ how to's:
- To complete a task you must take a screenshot or a selfie.
- Your avatar and the 'task' must be pictured to earn coins.
- PM Vexous when you have completed a task - do not post it.
- Title the PM with the correct list and task numbers - you can do more then one in one pm.
- You can have more then one 'task' in one image - but each 'task' MUST be a different item in that image.
- Each task is worth 1 T.E.S Coin.
- You can earn extra Coins for helping people (ie giving clues) Screen shot it if in worlds or pms and post it to get your Coin.
- PM Vexous to claim prizes when you have enough coins!

Be my Valentine Scavenger hunt
You must find each item in worlds with a partner, you can not do these ones alone some one else must be pictured in your image.
NPC's do not count as your partner.

1 * Some Balloons
2 * A Heart
3 * A Gift or Presents
4 * Something Gold
5 * Some Roses
6 * A Picnic
7 * An Expression of Love
8 * Something Blue
9 * A Little Piglet
10 * A Pair of Wings
11 * Some Chocolate
12 * A Camping Site
13 * A Chain
14 * A Pair of Panties
15 * A Bed
16 * An Arrow
17 * A Treasure Box
18 * An Apron
19 * A bow
20 * A Plush

Riddle Scavenger hunt
(Solve the riddle to see what you have to find!)

1 * Light brings me to life, but darkness gives me strife.
2 * I am bright, without the night I could not be alight.
3 * I’m deep, cold and wet, and still they call me healthy yet.
4 * I am not an item. As the sun sets the more places I be the less you can see.
5 * I have a name that's not mine, people cry at my sight and visit me all day and night.
6 * I hold earth and water while beauty stems within without falter.
7 * I'm tall when I'm young and I'm short when I'm old.
8 * I was Born underground, raised by the sun and am a host for the living.
9 * I’m not open all year round but you can put me up when the rain comes down.
10 * I’ve been around for millions of years, but my life cycle is as sort as a month.
11 * I have arms and legs but can not walk.
12 * I see without seeing, but I use noise for fleeing.
13 * I’m Alive without breathing, always wet but never thirsty and yet I’m forever drinking.
14 * I breathe fire and fly away when things get dire.
15 * I take your coin, it’s my specialty. With a little noise you gain prosperity.
16 * You could call me a home, but I have no door. A simple fall means I am no more.
17 * I drape the hills in gentle white, at night I fall from the heavens in make-believe flight.
18 * Im made of lumber, and can make a large number, oh what a plunder.
19 * Made of Steel, I can make a meal, though touch me and you may squeal.
20 * Im made of wood and on me you can wright 'oh hi! im good'.

Image Scavenger hunt
(Find the item pictured somewhere in worlds)

1 * Image
2 * Image
3 * Image
4 * Image
5 * Image
6 * Image
7 * Image
8 * Image
9 * Image
10 * Image
11 * Image
12 * Image
13 * Image
14 * Image
15 * Image
16 * Image
17 * Image
18 * Image
19 * Image
20 * Image

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Common Prize Counter (1 Coin)
Items in spoiler coz it's large :P
Spoiler: show
Image Spiritual Witch Skirt Image Starlight Witch Skirt Image Starlight Witch Shirt Image Starlight Witch Thigh Highs Image Love Witch Boots
Image Cafe Kitten Halter Image Firebird Shirt Image Angelic Bangles Image Zipped Up Shoes Image Snowglobe Witch Shoes
Image Cafe Kitten Ear Ribbon Image Firebird Obi Image Owl Panties Image Zipped Up Shorts Image Winter Witch Shirt
Image Cafe Kitten Skirt Image Lumin Fan Shirt Image Angelic Shirt Image Zipped Up Tube Top Image Winter Wizard Shirt
Image Cafe Kitten Bolero Image Firebird Shoes Image Angelic Skirt Image Zipped Up Tight Pants Image Winter Wizard Vest
Image Fire Fox Shoes Image Dark Unicorn Skirt Image Monster Girl Sash Image Nice Caroler Shirt Image Giftwrapped Sweets Shoes
Image Fire Fox Kanzashi Image Dark Unicorn Sleeves Image Monster Girl Boots Image Nice Caroler Shoes Image Giftwrapped Sweets Gloves
Image Fire Fox Headband Image Dark Unicorn Crown Image Monster Girl Collar Image Nice Caroler Bottoms Image Snowman Skirt
Image Ice Fox Shoes Image Concerned Fairy Queen Sleeves Image Monster Girl Gloves Image Naughty Caroler Shoes Image Santa's Gloves
Image Forest Butterfly Antennae Image Cyber Owl Suit Image Autumn Day Off Socks Image Witchling Belt Image Vampiric Tatters Curse
Image Dolly Butterfly Skirt Image Cyber Squirrel Gloves Image Twin Tails Elder Shoes Image Witchling Bubble Skirt Image Vampiric Tatters Stockings
Image Forest Butterfly Shirt Image Cyber Owl Pants Image Autumn Day Off Clip Image Witchling Brooch Image Vampiric Tatters Dress
Image Dolly Butterfly Shirt Image Cyber Owl Extensions Image Autumn Day Off Earrings Image Witchling Torn Skirt Image Vampiric Tatters Cincher
Image Warm Critters Bird Skirt Image Dragon's Hoard Corset Image Spiderdom Gloves Image Adored Aliped Stockings Image SnoFluff Gloves
Image Warm Critters Overdress Image Dragon's Hoard Sandals Image Spiderdom Legwarmers Image Adored Aliped Boots Image SnoFluff Ski Goggles
Image Druids Prayer Shirt Image Dragon's Hoard Headband Image Spiderdom Collar Image Adored Aliped Clip Image SnoFluff Boots
Image Druids Prayer Shorts Image Dragon's Hoard Wrap Image Spiderdom Stockings Image Adored Aliped Gloves Image SnoFluff Ski Shoes
Image Druids Prayer Gloves Image Metal Love Heavy Boots Image Glenn Fan Lilypad Headband Image Cyber Kitten Pants Image Sweet Delights Armwarmers
Image Druids Prayer Belt Image Metal Love Strap Pants Image Froggy Boots Image Cyber Kitten Skirt Image Sweet Delights Stockings
Image Druids Prayer Legwarmers Image Metal Love Tank Top Image Froggy Sunhat Image Cyber Kitten Boots Image Sweet Delights Shoes
Image Alrune Fan Clip Image Metal Love Fishnets Image Froggy Shorts Image Cyber Kitten Shorts Image Sweet Delights Collar
Image Autumn Wandering Sweater Image Summer Summoner Stockings Image Pirate Lass Armwarmers Image Sinful Summer Heels Image Leshy Collar
Image Autumn Wandering Bolero Image Summer Summoner Bracelets Image Pirate Lass Legwarmers Image Sinful Summer Swim Skirt Image Leshy Necklace
Image Autumn Wandering Gloves Image Summer Summoner Anklets Image Pirate Gloves Image Sinful Summer Swim Top Image Leshy Garter
Image Autumn Wandering Tunic Image Summer Witch Collar Image Pirate Patch Image Sinful Summer Cover Slip Image Leshy Corset
Image Stargazer Tank Top Image Elven Council Pants Image Summer Rose Stockings Image Swan Cincher Image Merfolk Shirt
Image Stargazer Slip-ons Image Elven Council Belt Image Lavish Rose Collar Image Swan Skirt Image Seahag Necklace
Image Stargazer Vest Image Elven Council Guard Image Lavish Rose Heels Image Crow Suit Image Seahag Headphones
Image Stargazer Pants Image Elven Council Boots Image Lavish Rose Glove Image Crow EyeShadow Image Seahag Panties
Image Spirit Fox Shirt Image Bastet Pants Image Paradise King Egg Lamp Image Crow Corset Image Merfolk Clip
Image Spirit Fox Socks Image Bastet Stockings Image Paradise King Obi Image Faerie Rabbit Boots Image Angelic Fate Pants
Image Clumsy Clown Skirt Image Bastet Sleeves Image Paradise King Legwarmers Image Faerie Rabbit King Shirt Image Angelic Fate Shirt
Image Clumsy Clown Shirt Image Anubis Shoes Image Paradise King Crown Image Faerie Rabbit Queen Boots Image Angelic Fate Gloves
Image Clumsy Clown Pom Image Magical Rose Collar Image Red Ridinghood Corset Image Faerie Rabbit King Coat Image Angelic Sweets Slip
Image Starlight Lounge Shorts Image Magical Rose Clip Image Bad Wolf Torn Shirt Image Courtroom Rabbit Headband Image Stage Magician Tights
Image Starlight Lounge Socks Image Magical Shonen Mask Image Lycan Hunter Corset Image Courtroom Rabbit Socks Image Rabbit Queen Stockings
Image Starlight Lounge Gloves Image Magical Shonen Shirt Image Lycan Hunter Shorts Image Courtroom Rabbit Bag Image Moonlight Dancer Belt
Image Midnight Hunter Shirt Image Airship Passenger Coat Image Lightning Lory Clip Image Hatter's Pants Image Moonlight Dancer Sleeves
Image Midnight Huntress Shirt Image Airship Passenger Shoes Image Lightening Lory Nails Image Hatters Coat Image Ice Dancer Skates
Image Midnight Huntress Glove Image Airship Passenger Corset Image Regal Mage Cuff Image Hatter's Shirt Image Ice Dancer Glove
Image Midnight Huntress Bra Image Airship Passenger Watch Image Regal Mage Longsleeve Image Schoolhouse Wizard Armbands Image Ice Dancer Pants
Image Midnight Demon Vest Image Airship Engineer Pants Image Regal Mage Shoes Image Schoolhouse Wizard Eyepatch Image Sunlight Dancer Shoes
Image Midnight Demon Pants Image Airship Engineer Glove Image Young Summoner Shoes Image Schoolhouse Wizard Bubble Skirt Image Sunlight Dancer Bra
Image Midnight Demon Armwarmers Image Geared Up Pants Image Young Summoner Wrap Image Schoolhouse Wizard Shoes Image Sunlight Dancer Circlet
Image Island Dreamer Top Image Geared Up Belt Image Batty Gloves Image Schoolhouse Wizard Collar Image Salamen Skirt
Image Frozen Butterfly Stockings Image Constella Skirt Image Batty Bow Image Schoolhouse Wizard Gloves Image Vanda Gloves
Image Frozen Butterfly Shorts Image Sloppy Secretary Jacket Image Batty Shoes Image Schoolhouse Wizard Bow Image Evil's Bane Boots
Image Techno Angel Cincher Image Sloppy Secretary Skirt Image Kibbit Fan Ribbon Image Great Authority Boots Image Evil's Bane Shorts
Image Paragon Captain Skirt Image Sundae Treat Cone Skirt Image Aka Manah Gloves Image Great Authority Gloves Image Fury Dragonborn Skirt
Image Pilot Wings Earrings Image Himawari Cafe Bracelets Image Cat's Cradle Bow Image Great Authority Sash Image Fury Dragonborn Anklets
Image Pilot Wings Shoes Image PeacocKING Makeup Image Snow Maiden Dress Image Messager Sweater Image Virtue Dragonborn Glove
Image Paragon Captain Gloves Image PeacocKING Pants Image Snow Maiden Vest Image Sword Dance Gloves Image Virtue Dragonborn Belt
Image Paragon Captain Pin Image PeacocKING Clip Image Snow Maiden Bow Image Pegasi Herald Top Image Virtue Dragonborn Shawl
Image Paragon Captain Belt Image Calla Woe Stockings Image Chanova Shorts Image Folk Headdress Image Slothful Dragonborn Horns
Image Sundae Treat Stockings Image Drooping Goblin Shoes Image Chanova Slip Ons Image Ribbon Anklets Image Innocent Dragonborn Dress
Image Sundae Treat Hat Image Brackish Tears Bow Image Chanova Socks Image Countessa Underskirt Image Slothful Dragonborn Shorts
Image Sundae Treat Bracelets Image Squirrel Ball Image Chanova Sleeves Image Cassanova Turtleneck Image Fury Dragonborn Shawl
Image Sundae Treat Slippers Image Koral Wristbands Image Of the Forest Top Image Cassanova Coat Image Jasper Scarab Tiara
Image Terrarium Collar Image Peony Vow Shoes Image Of the Forest Gloves Image Harajuku Top Image Slouch Shirt
Image Pinch Hitter Boots Image Poppy Pain Shoes Image Messenger Of Magic Anklets Image Harajuku Shoes Image Slouch Glasses
Image Techno Angel Monokini Image Poppy Pain Skirt Image Bolt Queen Collar Image Iridescent Moth Belt Image Slouch Hazzard
Image Techno Angel Tie Image Dune Raider Belt Image Shozoku Gloves Image Iridescent Moth Gloves Image Pansie Necklace
Image Ice Princess Skirt Image Dune Raider Headband Image Impish Flattery Mantle Image Iridescent Moth Skirt Image Queenly Companion Hat
Image Ice Princess Stockings Image Dune Raider Shawl Image Impish Flattery Mask Image Hootlet Short Pants Image Rad Tank Top
Image Ice Princess Crown Image Dune Raider Harness Image Impish Flattery Hat Image Hootlet Boots Image Rad Capri
Image Ice Queen Collar Image Tinker Top Image Pirate Lass Stockings Image Hootlet Headband Image Rad Yarn Fishnet Gloves
Image Ice Queen Heels Image Tinker Shorts Image Pirate Lass Shoes Image Hootlet Shirt Image Ulysses Gleam Boots
Image Bramble Rose Thorns Image D-Pad Clips Image Pirate Lass Cinch Image Hootlet Bow Image Street Kings Pants
Image Glenn Fan Capelet Image Star Priestess Hat Image Garden Sprite Shorts Image Angel Heart Necklace Image Street Kings Shoes
Image Glenn Balloon Image Star Priestess Shoes Image Autumn Wandering Shoes Image Deer Gawd! Mask Image Street Kings Slouchy Hoodie
Image Glenn Fan Shorts Image Aquamarine Water Spray Image Autumn Wandering Tank Top Image Romantic Rose Image Street Kings Leggings
Image Ribbon Headband Image Aquamarine Lantern Image Digital Download Tattoo Image Young Girl Shirt Image Spring Fling Shorts
Image Ribbon Stockings Image Four Seasons Snowflake Image Belinda's Shoes Image Young Girl Skirt Image Belinda's Legbands
Image Ribbon Chest Bow Image Sweet Lamb Mantle Image Queen Bee Ribbon Image Bat Echo Gloves Image Voodoo Queen Boots
Image Sleepy Sheep Headband Image Fairy Glade Top Image Growing Kindle Tunic Image Bat Echo Stockings Image Voodoo Queen Cane
Image Sleepy Sheep Shawl Image Heroes Lifeline Bolero Image Clingy Kitty Paws Image Bat Echo Corset Image Free Flowing Bow
Image Sleepy Sheep Slouchy Shirt

Any Gold Shop Items - made recolor-able.
Almost any crafted Item - ask me about something you would like and i will tell you if i can make it. :)

All items are named- Try looking it up in the market and shadow it :)

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Uncommon Prize Counter (2 Coins)
Items in spoiler coz it's also large :hee:
Spoiler: show
Image Spiritual Witch Stockings Image Love Witch Dress Image Spiritual Witch Sleeves Image Starlight Witch Bustle Image Cyber Squirrel Shirt
Image Cafe Kitten Dress Image Lumin Fan Pants Image Angelic Boots Image Winter Wizard Bottoms Image Cyber Squirrel Dress
Image Cafe Kitten Bottoms Image Firebird Skirt Image Angelic Suit Image Snowglobe Witch Dress Image Cyber Owl Shirt
Image Cafe Kitten Shirt Image Firebird Tail Image Angelic Gloves Image Winter Witch Dress Image Cyber Owl Suit
Image Cafe Kitten Ribbon Image Monster Girl Floating Skirt Image Owl Boots Image Winter Witch Boots Image Ice Fox Tunic
Image Zipped Up Longsleeve Image Monster Girl Dress Image Naughty Caroler Bottoms Image Concerned Fairy Clips Image Fire Fox Tunic
Image Zipped Up Net Shirt Image Monster Girl Suit Image Naughty Caroler Dress Image Concerned Fairy Dress Image Red Ridinghood Skirt
Image Zipped Up Boots Image Monster Girl Skirt Image Nice Caroler Ribbon Image Dark Unicorn Shirt Image Red Ridinghood Mantle
Image Snowman Shirt Image Forest Butterfly Wing Ears Image Nice Caroler Dress Image Autumn Day Off Ahoge Image Lycan Hunter Skirt
Image Giftwrapped Sweets Skirt Image Forest Butterfly Ribbon Image SnoFluff Ski Jacket Image Autumn Day Off Shirt Image Metal Love Skull Boots
Image Witchling Torn Shirt Image Forest Butterfly Skirt Image SnoFluff Ski Pants Image Autumn Day Off Skirt Image Metal Love Shorts
Image Witchling Boots Image Dolly Butterfly Shoes Image SnoFluff Ski Boots Image Twin Tails Elder Kimono Image Metal Love Strap Heels
Image Witchling Overdress Image Warm Critters Bird Companion Image Dragon's Hoard Dress Image Vampiric Tatters Contacts Image Metal Love Gloves
Image Witchling Shoes Image Warm Critters Raincoat Image Dragon's Hoard Sleeves Image Vampiric Tatters Vest Image Glenn Fan Slouchy Sweater
Image Spiderdom Skirt Image Druids Prayer Sleeves Image Dragon's Hoard Overshirt Image Vampiric Tatters Gown Image Summer Witch Suit
Image Spiderdom Corset Image Druids Prayer Dress Image Dragon's Hoard Skirt Image Vampiric Tatters Lace Skirt Image Summer Witch Boots
Image Spiderdom Suit Image Adored Aliped Bra Image Cyber Kitten Scanner Image Sweet Delights Corset Image Summer Witch Mantle
Image Spiderdom Boots Image Adored Aliped Short Skirt Image Cyber Kitten Corset Image Sweet Delights Anklets Image Summer Summoner Bow
Image Pirate Lass Leggings Image Sinful Summer Towel Dress Image Cyber Kitten Jacket Image Autumn Wandering Shorts Image Elven Council Shirt
Image Pirate Cinch Image Sinful Summer Halter Image Cyber Kitten Laptop Bag Image Autumn Wandering Skirt Image Elven Council Dress
Image Pirate Lass Clip Image Leshy Tiara Image Stargazer Boots Image Autumn Wandering Bottoms Image Elven Council Veil
Image Pirate Boots Image Leshy Halo Image Stargazer Dress Image Autumn Wandering Dress Image Elven Council Tunic
Image Froggy Shirt Image Leshy Boots Image Stargazer Shoes Image Anubis Skirt Image Crow Heels
Image Froggy Dress Image Leshy Vest Image Stargazer Hoodie Image Apep Sleeve Image Crow Arm Feathers
Image Lavish Rose Mantle Image Seahag Water Cape Image Paradise King Shorts Image Faerie Rabbit King Bottoms Image Crow Skirt
Image Lavish Rose Corset Image Seahag Shirt Image Cockatiel Bodice Image Faerie Rabbit Shirt Image Swan Skirtlet
Image Lavish Rose Skirt Image Seahag Scallop Image Cockatiel Crown Image Faerie Rabbit Skirt Image Swan Leg Feathers
Image Lavish Rose Eye Image Seahag Water Sash Image Cockatiel Contacts Image Faerie Rabbit Headband Image Rabbit Queen Heels
Image Spirit Fox Pants Image Druids Prayer Clips Image Magical Gem Dress Image Angelic Sweets Veil Image Lost Rabbit Pants
Image Spirit Fox Collar Image Druids Prayer Gown Image Magical Gem Boots Image Angelic Sweets Sash Image Lost Rabbit Dress
Image Starlight Lounge Slippers Image Druids Prayer Collar Image Magical Rose Skirt Image Angelic Fate Hairclip Image Bunny Lace Gloves
Image Starlight Lounge Robe Image Alrune Fan Corset Image Magical Shonen Mantle Image Angelic Fate Contacts Image Bunny Lace Tight
Image Midnight Hunter Mantle Image Airship Passenger Hat Image Ice Dancer Shirt Image Regal Mage Boots Image Courtroom Rabbit Dress
Image Midnight Hunter Bottoms Image Geared Up Boots Image Ice Dancer Jacket Image Regal Mage Over Top Image Rabbit Eared Hat
Image Midnight Hunter Bottoms Image Geared Up Corset Image Moonlight Dancer Pants Image Regal Mage Pants Image Stage Magician Corset
Image Midnight Huntress Skirt Image Geared Up Harness Shirt Image Moonlight Dancer Top Image Young Summoner Top Image Schoolhouse Wizard Overskirt
Image Midnight Huntress Bolero Image Airship Engineer Mask Image Sunlight Dancer Skirt Image Young Summoner Shorts Image Schoolhouse Wizard Dress
Image Midnight Huntress Mantle Image Clockwork Corset Image Party Dancer Mask Image Young Summoner Pants Image Schoolhouse Wizard Vest
Image Midnight Demoness Bolero Image Clockwork Boots Image Party Dancer Dress Image Ice Princess Boots Image Schoolhouse Wizard Boots
Image Midnight Huntress Cincher Image Delightful Baker Heart Apron Image Hootlet Short Shorts Image Ice Queen Stockings Image Autumn Wandering Gloves
Image Iridescent Moth Pants Image Gelli Headress Image Hootlet Overalls Image Ice Queen Skirt Image Innocent Dragonborn Headdress
Image Iridescent Moth Bra Image Gelli Boots Image Hootlet Shawl Image Deer Gawd! Make-Up Image Innocent Dragonborn Top
Image Iridescent Moth Top Image Sundae Treat Bolero Image Jasper Scarab Overtop Image Belinda's Shirt Image Slothful Dragonborn Legwarmers
Image Iridescent Moth Headband Image Sundae Treat Ice Cream Image Jasper Scarab Suit Image Island Dreamer Skirt Image Slothful Dragonborn Sweater
Image Penthouse Cat Koko Image Sundae Treat Dress Tunic Image Bramble Rose Headband Image Island Dreamer Shells Image Wise Dragonborn Horns
Image Penthouse Cat Vest Image Sundae Treat Clip Image Bramble Rose Anklets Image Glenn Fan Shoes Image Sweet Lamb Legwarmers
Image Tinker Gloves Image Sundae Treat Cone Hat Image Flit Skirt Image Glenn Fan Top Image Sweet Lamb Fluff Wrap
Image Tinker Boots Image Sword Dance Boots Image Flit Gloves Image Glenn Fan Bow Image Sweet Lamb Belt
Image Pilot Wings Shorts Image Sword Dance Skirt Image Techno Angel Suit Image Dune Raider Draped Pants Image Clumsy Clown Hat
Image Pilot Wings Hat Image Sword Dance Crown Image Techno Angel Gloves Image Dune Raider Sleeves Image Clumsy Clown Shoes
Image Of the Forest Leggings Image Pinch Hitter Hat Image Techno Angel Visor Image Regal Mage Sleeves Image Free Flowing Tunic
Image Sleepy Sheep Short Skirt Image Peony Vow Overskirt Image Caring Monarch Mantle Image Peony Vow Corset Image Brackish Tears Top
Image Garden Sprite Bunny Friend Image Bolt Queen Skirt Image Himawari Cafe Tank Top Image Kibbit Fan Dress Image Ulysses Gleam Dress
Image Pirate Lass Overskirt Image Ribbon Bolero Image Rad Undertop Image Shozoku Armored Skirt Image Koral Crown
Image Bow Peep Headband Image Voodoo Queen Shirt Image Growing Kindle Bottoms Image Queen Bee Fluff Image Queenly Companion Gloves
Image Bat Echo Boots Image Heroes Lifeline Skirt Image Cat's Cradle Collar Image Catsmith Shorts Image Shozoku Suit
Image Messager Emote Image Harajuku Skirt Image Ruins Diver Skirt Image Great Authority Skirt Image Fairy Glade Bottoms
Image Garden Sprite Top Image Frozen Butterfly Corest Image Sloppy Secretary Papers Image Lotus Pond Wings Image Floral Priestess Shorts

or any item you own made recolor-able - ie 25 luna. MUST be at least a Level 7 Merchant to claim straight luna.
If you not level 7 we can still do this it will just take awhile:
I will place an egg on the market - you offer your item on it.
I unlock it then place it on the market for you - you offer the egg.

Posted 1711 days
Rare Prize Counter (5 Coins)
Image Spiritual Witch Suit Image Lumin Fan Dress Image Angelic Contacts Image Winter Witch Hat
Image Spiritual Witch Sash Image Firebird Headwings Image Angelic Crown Image Snowglobe Witch Coat
Image Spiritual Witch Belt Image Nice Caroler Contacts Image Owl Crown Image Winter Witch Contacts
Image Nervious Monster Girl Contacts Image Naughty Caroler Contacts Image Zipped Up Belt Image Concerned Fairy Contacts
Image Monster Girl Horns Image Naughty Caroler Horns Image Zipped Up Sweater Image Concerned Fairy Cape
Image Monster Girl Crown Image Bad Wolf Contacts Image Zipped Up Jacket Image Cyber Squirrel Ears
Image SnoFluff Headband Image Fire Fox Tail Image Dark Unicorn Contacts Image Cyber Squirrel Tail
Image SnoFluff Dress Image Ice Fox Crown Image Dolly Butterfly Contacts Image Cyber Squirrel Contacts
Image SnoFluff Dress (2) Image Witchling Heels Image Dolly Butterfly Obi Image Lycan Hunter Boots
Image Twin Tails Elder Contacts Image Witchling Contacts Image Forest Butterfly Cape Image Metal Love Hat
Image Autumn Day Off Mask Image Witchling Shirt Image Vampiric Tatters Sultry Contacts Image Metal Love Dress
Image Twin Tails Young Bow Image Santa's Dress Image Vampiric Tatters Wing Cape Image Metal Love Strap Mantle
Image Cafe Kitten Contacts Image Santa's Pants Image Vampiric Tatters Shirt Image Dragon's Hoard Horns
Image Cafe Kitten Hat Image Santa's Vest Image Warm Critters Scarf Image Dragon's Hoard Fluffy Ears
Image Cafe Kitten Hood Image Adored Aliped Obi Image Warm Critters Jacket Image Dragon's Hoard Anklets
Image Spiderdom Mantle Image Adored Aliped Shirt Image Warm Critters Hood Image Arctic Warmth Contacts
Image Spiderdom Contacts Image Adored Aliped Short Skirt Image Froggy Coat Image Summer Summoner Dress
Image Spiderdom Clip Image Sinful Summer Tail Image Froggy Clingy Hat Image Summer Witch Contacts
Image Cyber Kitten Contacts Image Sinful Summer Sash Image Glenn Fan Boots Image Summer Summoner Horn
Image Cyber Kitten Dress Image Leshy Contacts Image Sweet Delights Skirt Image Stargazer Contacts
Image Cyber Kitten Visor Image Leshy Crown Image Sweet Delights Hat Image Stargazer Gown
Image Pirate Lass Hat Image Leshy Antlers Image Sweet Delights Cake Hat Image Swan Feather Bra
Image Pirate Apron Image Crow Dress Image Ent Wig Image Swan Headress
Image Pirate Dress Image Seahag Crown Image Elven Council Corset Dress Image Spirit Fox Contacts
Image Lavish Rose Boots Image Seahag Water Extensions Image Elven Council Gown Image Spirit Fox Sultry Contacts
Image Lavish Rose Tunic Image Bastet Shirt Image Paradise King Headwings Image Spirit Fox Headdress
Image Lavish Rose Dress Image Midnight Demoness Shoes Image Paradise King Contacts Image Airship Engineer Boots
Image Starlight Lounge Tank Top Image Midnight Demon Feathers Image Faerie Rabbit Sleeves Image Geared Up Hat
Image Starlight Lounge Skirt Image Midnight Huntress Contacts Image Magical Rose Shirt Image Geared Up Mask
Image Starlight Lounge Shirt Image Moonlight Dancer Headband Image Magical Gem Vest Image Airship Passenger Bustle Skirt
Image Angelic Sweets Mantle Image Sunlight Dancer Sleeves Image Magical Shonen Contacts Image Courtroom Rabbit Contacts
Image Angelic Fate Overcoat Image Shozoku Wrapped Top Image Queen Bee Pollen Muffs Image Lost Rabbit Vest
Image Angelic Sweets Contacts Image Koral Boots Image Schoolhouse Wizard Tiara Image Bunny Lace Suit
Image Neko Mimi Paws Image Koral Suit Image Schoolhouse Wizard Coat Image Rabbit Queen Corset
Image Love Letter Image Phoenix Thief Hood Image Schoolhouse Wizard Skirt Image Lost Rabbit Contacts
Image Sword Dance Top Image Techno Angel Dress Image Schoolhouse Wizard Heels Image Proper Dolly Dress
Image Wise Dragonborn Scarf Image Ice Empress Gown Image Countessa Top Image Queenly Companion Suit
Image Ice King Coat Image Caring Monarch Clip Image Chanova Shirt Image Queenly Companion Boots
Image Wise Dragonborn Dress Image Pilot Wings Coat Image Hootlet Contacts Image Sundae Treat Scarf
Image Digital Download Contacts Image Angelic Offer Armwarmers Image Autumn Wandering Jacket Image Spring Fling Tunic
Image Digital Download Wings Image Fairy Glade Headress Image Deer Gawd! Contacts Image Diva Duo Wing Headphones
Image Iridescent Moth Hood Image Queen Bee Dress Image Tinker Scarf Image Great Authority Corset
Image Pinch Hitter Shirt

Posted 1711 days
Epic & Special Prize Counter (10 Coins)
Image Starlight Witch Hat Image Druids Prayer Short Wig Image Zipped Up Wig
Image Spiritual Witch Hat Image Cyber Squirrel Wig Image Naughty Caroler Wings
Image Cafe Kitten Wig Image Dragon's Hoard Fin Ears Image Lycan Hunter Jacket
Image Lumin Fan Wings Image Pirate Lass Wig Image Spiderdom Short Wig
Image Cafe Kitten Waitress Wig Image Druids Prayer Antlers Image Pirate Skirt
Image SnoFluff Ribbon Image Starlight Lounge Nighty Image Torn Seahag Wings
Image Witchling Hat Image Magical Gem Clips Image Queenly Companion Wig
Image Summer Summoner Wig Image Party Dancer Hedgehog Image Aka Manah Dress
Image Crow Overskirt Image Twin Tails Crown Image Young Summoner Wings
Image Faerie Rabbit King Wig Image Cyber Kitten Tail Image Stargazer Tiara
Image Midnight Demoness Headband Image Geared Up Slippers Image Faerie Rabbit Wig
Image Great Authority Wings Image Fire Fox Wig Image Poof Christmas Puppy
Image Winter Witch Wig Image Vexous Wig Image Clingy Lovebirds
Image Festive Tree Wig Image Pilgrim Panda Image Christmas Polar Bear
Image Dolly Witch Cat Doll Image Pumpkin Puppy Image Sparkler
Image Geared Up Headphones Image Glenn Umbrella

Legendary Prize Counter (20 Coins)

Image Cafe Kitten Umbrella Image Cyber Owl
Image SnoFluff Bunny Image Dark Unicorn Umbrella Image Cyber Kitten
Image Ice Fox Image Swan Princess Image Cloud Dancer Pose
Image Pirate Parrot Image Dire Puppy Image Sunlight Dancer Stance
Image Bubble Trouble Stance Image Sunlight Dancer Pose Image Harajuku Pose

Temujin Khan
Posted 1711 days

I challenge the victor of the previous match: Tears of the Sun!

Xolzealtzi Odelnos
Posted 1711 days
ImageConfusion will be my epitaph... As I crawl a cracked and broken path...

An unwise choice Tem, you're going down! :lol:
*swings sword*

If we make it, we can all sit back and laugh...But I fear tomorrow I'll be crying...Yes I fear tomorrow I'll be crying...

Temujin Khan
Posted 1711 days


If I go down, I'll go down like a warrior. Bring it on!

*Swings his new sword to block Sun's move but fails to block completely*

That's just a flesh wound.

*Swings sword again*

Xolzealtzi Odelnos
Posted 1711 days
ImageConfusion will be my epitaph... As I crawl a cracked and broken path...

*clutches arm where sword had cut* A warrior indeed, but i won't go down that easily.
*thrusts sword*

If we make it, we can all sit back and laugh...But I fear tomorrow I'll be crying...Yes I fear tomorrow I'll be crying...

Temujin Khan
Posted 1711 days

HP: 16

Another flesh wound. Take this!

*Swings sword wildly at Sun*

Oops I used the wrong dice. Sorry!

Temujin Khan
Posted 1711 days

HP: 16

Another flesh wound. Take this!

*Swings sword wildly at Sun*

Xolzealtzi Odelnos
Posted 1711 days
ImageConfusion will be my epitaph... As I crawl a cracked and broken path...

Ha! you call that a hit? Take this!
*swings sword down*

If we make it, we can all sit back and laugh...But I fear tomorrow I'll be crying...Yes I fear tomorrow I'll be crying...

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