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Welcome to the T.E.S Event Thread!


- Thread Rules
- Earning & Claiming Prizes
- Selfie Swimsuit Contest
- Sign Post Games
- Summer Hat Collection Game
- Forum Games
- Event Q & A's

Other threads:
- [Wishlist Thread]
- [Fun's Items Giveaway]
- [Casino/hangouts Thread]
- [Spam thread]

Other ways to win stuff if you dont want to be apart of the event: Find these sign posts on my land and win stuff daily!
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[- Rules -]

- Create a Character in this thread before playing. You need this to earn tokens

- You do not need to post in the rp thread at all if you don't want to but you need a character in order to get your prizes

- Post in the wishlist thread [here] so that we can see what items are wanted the most :P

- Prizes are now given out using the RP bank/Shop system (you claim them yourselves)
The next post explains how to earn tokens and how to claim prizes

- Earn Tokens by doing things listed in the games posts down the page

- Items are restocked as i notice they are gone - if you saw something and now it's gone, feel free to pm me and i will see if i can replace it ^_^

- Tokens & Characters are wiped/deleted at the end of every event, make sure to spend your Tokens!

- Be respectful to others and help where you can.

- Only choose Items you actually want. DO NOT claim items for selling or profit - you will be banned from future events.

- If you wish to claim something you already have but I'm offering a recolor-able one, ask for a trade :)

- You may give your reward choice/tokens to others - just pm me and i will let them know on your behalf.

- I reserve the right to change any rules as needed
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[- Earning Tokens -]

- You need, need NEED a character in this thread or i cant award you tokens

- Look through the game posts and follow the rules/ directions of each.

- For almost everything you do or play you will earn a token for what is called the RP Store.

- Tokens are are manually updated by myself daily, i will normally post in the thread as to where they are updated too.

- You will be able to see your current tokens on your character sheet or in the RP store.

- Special awards are always given out at the end of the events so be sure to at least post once in this thread and play as much as possible!

- If you have any trouble or problems please ask for help, you could be helping others too!

[- Claiming Prizes -]

Once you have enough Tokens to claim something:

Commons = 1 Token,
Uncommons = 2 Tokens,
Crafted = 4 Tokens,
Rares = 5 Tokens,
Epics = 10 Tokens
Legendary's = 20 Tokens

Event = Varies

Follow these steps in this [RP Thread]

Step 1: Go to the Rp Options at the top of the page
Spoiler: show

Step 2: Go to the RP Bank and Shop Tab
(this will be on the top on smaller devices and down the side on large ones)
Spoiler: show

Step 3: Look in the Shop and note your Tokens on that page
Spoiler: show

Step 4: Select the Item you would like to purchase
Spoiler: show

Step 5: Confirm your Purchase by selecting the account you would like it to go to,
(you should only have one account that will have tokens for the RP thread)
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Selfie Swimsuit Contest:

Capture yourself and others or NPC's doing various tasks in swimsuits!

First up you will need to make an Avi that looks like they are wearing a swimsuit!
Once you are ready head into the world and start taking selfies!
Earn 1 Token for every Task you complete!
Once you have completed a task use the form below to submit it in this thread.

Tasks to do in a swimsuit:

- Fish in a pond!
- Catch a Fish!
- Find a user also in a swimsuit!
- Find treasure!
- Pet a shark puppy!
- Wave Hello to Alice!
- Sit in a gold chair!
- Sit next to a kogo in the wild!
- Shrug at Gary!
- Hooray at a Dev!
- Selfie with Vexous!
- Play with a Kibbit!
- Feed a pet!
- Hi-five a friend!
- Pick a plant!
- Eat something tasty!
- Find or hold a Lantern at night!
- Sunbath!
- Find or Hold an Umbrella!
- Rest under the shade of a tree!

You must be in a swimsuit,
The selfie must be of the task,
Some tasks require you to capture an action - the action must be clear.
One selfie per form, however you can use multiple forms per post.
Forms to be posted in this thread (pm's & on the sign post on my land are okay too)
Fill in the details of the Form correctly please it will help me keep track

Code: Select all & Copy
[center][color=#c04cdf] [size=200][b]Swimsuit contest entry! [/b][/size][/color]

[img][/img][color=#ffffff]............[/color]          [Selfie goes here]

[Task description goes here]


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Sign Post Games:
All sign post games are played on Vexous's Land [Here]

Summer Word Association

Lets play a summer themed word association with a twist!
Post a word that is associated with summer BUT,
The word must begin with the last letter of the word above it.
1 Token is awarded for every post you make.

Post 1: Summer
Post 2: Rides
Post 3: Sand
Post 4: Dolphin

Two other people must post on the sign before you can post again.
Can post as many times as you like, but note the rule above.
Words must be summer themed in some way.
A word can only be repeated when it is not currently visible on the sign post.
Phrases are allowed (doesn't have to be a single word ie 'Theme Park')

Guess The Items

Much like guess the avatar,
You have a greyed out avatar wearing some items,
Guess the items to earn some Tokens,
Your welcome to discuss with other people in here or on the sign post,
Once a full Avatar has been guessed correctly a new one will appear!
Work together to unlock them all! there's 14 total!


Rules/ other info:
No Face Items (eyes, mouths, noses or eyebrows) will be used.
Bases that are used are Terran (Chibi), Imp (Female) & Unaril (Male) - note the ears it will help :P
PM Vexous your guess's for each image.
Title the PM with the "Guess the Items"
Remember to Say which image you are guessing items for (they will be labeled)
You can guess more then one image in a PM (just label them please)
1 Token is awarded for every correct item guessed (Possible total of 85 to be won!)
The Sign post can be posted on but you wont receive Tokens for posting only Pm'ing guesses.
You may continue to guess if you get some wrong.
You can (yes you can) give the answers to others or even post them.

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Summer Hat Collection Game:

With fun in the sun comes the need for protection!
In this game you are challenged to make an avatar with Every hat you can find!

These can be owned (selfies) or in the dream avatar maker (screenshots)
Or even on other avatars (selfies)

Restrictions for entry's:
Only one Entry per Type of Designer items
No Hoods, beanies, headdresses or Bonnets will be counted.
No small decorative hats - they must cover most of the head
Hats require a brim (or they don't stop the sun!)
1 Avatar per hat is allowed.
The avatar must still be summer themed
Every Avatar must be slightly different not including the hat

There should be a total of 40 entries that you can make
Maybe more!
Post with the form below!

Discovered Hats:
Spoiler: show
Voodoo Queen Hat
Voodoo Queen Hat
Delia's Witch Hat
Belinda's Hat
Rabbit Eared Hat
Pilgrim Hat
Paragon Captain Hat
Higher Learning Hat
Midnight Hunter Hat
Barons Hat
Baroness Hat
Steam Hat
Midnight Huntress Hat
Lost Rabbit Hat
Froggy Sunhat
Stage Magician Hat
Cabana Hat
Summer Gardening Hat
Lace Luxury Sun Hat
Vacationer Sun Hat
Baseball Cap
Sweet Delights Hat
Summer Witch Hat
Metal Love Hat
Vampire Banquet Hat
Witchling Hat
Snowman Hat
Zipped Up Hat
Cafe Kitten Hat
Snowglobe Witch Hat
Starlight Witch Hat
Love Witch Hat
Spiritual Witch Hat
Kitty Conductor Hat
Pinch Hitter Hat
Hatter's Hat
Winter Witch Hat
Bunny Cap


Code: Select all & Copy
[center][img][/img] [color=#f33c3c] [size=200][b]Hat Collection Entry![/b][/size][/color] [img][/img]

[put your image here]
[Hat Item Name Here][/center]

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Forum Games:
Played in the forum, no need to go in game for these.

Water fight!

Join in some dice rolling fun in the Rp Thread (rp'ing not actually required).
To win Tokens is easy and simple!
Roll any Dice and get the below numbers:
1, 7, 10, 13 or 20

To earn Tokens,

There is a few rules:
No double posting & No more then one roll per post,
You do not have to wait for someone else to roll (ie if i post "updated" you can roll again)
Success/fail does not matter, you can leave it blank if you like.
Role playing is not a requirement, but you can if you like.

Want to get started!? head over [here]

Posting Fun!

Looking for something that doesn't require alot of work?
Or struggling to get enough Tokens to get the item you want?
Why not head over to our spam thread and post 20 times to get a Token!
[Spam thread]
When your done come back here and post using the below

Code: Select all & Copy
    [color=#0fa259][size=200]Posting Task Complete![/size][/color]

    [b]I finished my posts here:[/b]



Repeat as many times as you like ^_^

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Event Q & A:

* Can I Pm the forms / Answers for the games?
Yes, your welcome to pm me about anything, be it games, earning tokens, or answer sheets.

* Can I donate to the games / charity?
Of course, the best way to do this is to have a character in the rp and donate directly into the bank,
From there i can assign the items a price and people can claim them.
These no need to let me know i get notifications when donations are received ^^

* Can i claim things to give to a friend?
I'm not against it but I would prefer it if you contacted me and i gave them the tokens out of yours instead.
That way they can claim the item themselves and your not at risk for trading the item away and getting banned from future events.

* I made a mistake claiming items, can i swap it out?
Sure, contact me first though. I'll get you to donate the items back into the bank and i will give you the tokens back,
That way you can get the item you actually wanted.

* How long is the event running?
All events run for 2 weeks after the announcement, after that you will have 5 days to use your tokens before everything is wiped clean for the next event



Temujin Khan
Posted 1923 days

I challenge the victor of the previous match: Tears of the Sun!

Xolzealtzi Odelnos
Posted 1923 days
ImageConfusion will be my epitaph... As I crawl a cracked and broken path...

An unwise choice Tem, you're going down! :lol:
*swings sword*

If we make it, we can all sit back and laugh...But I fear tomorrow I'll be crying...Yes I fear tomorrow I'll be crying...

Temujin Khan
Posted 1923 days


If I go down, I'll go down like a warrior. Bring it on!

*Swings his new sword to block Sun's move but fails to block completely*

That's just a flesh wound.

*Swings sword again*

Xolzealtzi Odelnos
Posted 1923 days
ImageConfusion will be my epitaph... As I crawl a cracked and broken path...

*clutches arm where sword had cut* A warrior indeed, but i won't go down that easily.
*thrusts sword*

If we make it, we can all sit back and laugh...But I fear tomorrow I'll be crying...Yes I fear tomorrow I'll be crying...

Temujin Khan
Posted 1923 days

HP: 16

Another flesh wound. Take this!

*Swings sword wildly at Sun*

Oops I used the wrong dice. Sorry!

Temujin Khan
Posted 1923 days

HP: 16

Another flesh wound. Take this!

*Swings sword wildly at Sun*

Xolzealtzi Odelnos
Posted 1923 days
ImageConfusion will be my epitaph... As I crawl a cracked and broken path...

Ha! you call that a hit? Take this!
*swings sword down*

If we make it, we can all sit back and laugh...But I fear tomorrow I'll be crying...Yes I fear tomorrow I'll be crying...

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