Duke of Failure
Posted 1119 days
First and foremost:
we missed you

Hello! You might've noticed there have been changes since you last logged in.

I made this thread to be a quick recap of the transition.

For any help or questions with the new site, your fastest answer can be found by opening a help ticket. Click your username in the top right corner, and select “I Need Help” for assistance from the Solia support team!

What happened to the old Solia site?
The old version of Solia closed on the morning of September 7, 2017. It had a over a 9-year run, starting back in June 2008 (about when Google Chrome was first released).
While outdated, this annoucement offers more info.

What happened to my items, gold, and luna?
If you recover your old Solia character, you should see your gold and luna transferred to that character immediately.

Your old items were part of the old site, a different avatar system, and largely incompatible with new features like recoloring, changes to layering, and the move away from items with poses.

Items released after May 2016 are being transferred as a thank you to those that supported Solia during the last year+ the old site was live. If those items were donation items with multiple poses, there's a small donation to break the item into individual items per pose.

Transferred items will appear in your inventory bank, though items that need broken into poses can be found by clicking the "Breakable Items" button in your inventory page. All transferable items have been transferred, and a user poll decided that items that could not be transferred will be converted into gold based on market value and given in place of the item.

What happened to my profile/comments?
Profiles have been replaced with each user having a personal land in game. You can craft a sign for comments, build a house, barn, greenhouse, farm, fish, and can look forward to lots of pretty items to decorate with, including user designed items.

Theres a ton of new features in the works, and some already available in beta. This thread by Case (Iscariot) offers regularly updated news of changes to come. For now, check out these helpful guides and watch for more features and guides soon.

Getting Started! by Vexous
Worlds! by Genji_main
Pets and taming! by hurbird
Farming! by hurbird
Design your own items! by hurbird
Tasks, Achievements, and Collections by hurbird

Check out the Solia Wiki by Simica and Vexous for an in-depth of the new site, events so far, and much more!

Reintroduce yourself here! :lurk: Feel free to talk about the changes! :wahhh: I've had a ton of fun with the item designer and recoloring so far. :fangirl: Obviously, losing your items, time, and donations isn't something everyone will want to keep playing after, and you're welcome to share how you feel about it. :baw: All I ask is that you keep it civil. :nod:
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Duke of Failure
Posted 1119 days
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Duke of Failure
Posted 1119 days

Solen Nephos
Posted 1118 days
While I like the idea of having a more world-based game, the new inventory and market, though similar, confuse me (at least, from the last time I logged onto Solia, which was quite a long time ago indeed). Wasn't there a way to sort by item type? Are there skins in this version? I don't think there was a dream avatar maker (since the shadows more or less take care of that function). What I *do* like is the seemingly limitless recolour system! It's great to use, I think, and opens up a lot of possibilities when I dress up my avatars.

Duke of Failure
Posted 1118 days
Not by type, though searching by item name seems to be more reliable than the old market keyword search. I didn’t even think of the old item types, that’d be useful. Though, I do understand some items are a little difficult to classify, so maybe allow items to be in multiple sections?

There are kinda skins, but you pick them when you create the character, get one free change, and then can change any time after that for Luna.

The recoloring by far what I’ve used the most. It turns items that might not have a ton of use or subsequent value into something that can go with any outfit.

Solen Nephos
Posted 1118 days
That's a bit unfortunate about the skins. I want to both have long ears and be pure white, but I suppose it's a sacrifice I'm willing to make. Thank you, though, for your help! I'll figure out this new site eventually. :lol:

Duke of Failure
Posted 1118 days
You can be, I think. The skins are fully recolorable during selection. And for sure! Poking around is mostly how I figured it out.

Posted 1118 days
Please also remember, any questions regarding accounts, items, luna etc Should be submitted through the ticket system. There is a team there to help guide you through the transition and help you along the way. Even if it is questions dealing with new features.

Posted 1118 days
GOOD post

Duke of Failure
Posted 1117 days
Simica wrote:...

Thank you! I’ll add that to the OP.

Briar wrote:...

Thanks Briar! :^_^:

Duke of Failure
Posted 1066 days
Added a link to the Solia Wiki :^_^:

Posted 1050 days
Well I definitely feel lost and since it is past January 1, 2018 I do have to start from the ground up all over again.
At least I was able to change my avatar's skin color.

I saw some sort of guide around here earlier so I'll take a look at those later.

ugh looks like I was wrong and it didn't change the avatar's skin color at all.

Posted 1018 days
Been bouncing on and off the site for months now. I miss all my old stuff, some of which I worked hard to make or purchased. I'm sorry but this sucks. I don't feel like logging on anymore.

Posted 988 days
This is new. While I did spend a lot of time and money on my old items, I am intrigued by this new setup. I do wonder if my twilight keepsake is gone as well? It's a shame, as there were only 50 (I think?), and it has a lot of good memories attached to it.

Posted 956 days
On the one hand I do wish to know where this site is headed, but on the other hand my soul is so very crushed in knowing that I'm not going to get my Gold Halo back -or everything else of high value that I once owned. No, I'm not entirely cozy here.

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