Posted 1109 days
Market Update: You can now search for items with market that are not listed so that you may wishlist and shadow them.

Posted 1091 days
We're all very hard at work on the massive update coming!

Later today there will be really neat previews posted on twitter and facebook! Check them out later today.

Posted 1089 days
Pre-massive update change: We have updated the market to make it easier to read offers that have over 100,000 gold offered.

Posted 1083 days
Part of the new Gacha page is live! Check it out and let us know what you think.

Since the last dev post:
  • Job page was added
    • You can submit job applications via the Jobs page!
  • Press page was added
  • About page was added
  • The buttons on the avatar in mail were fixed
  • Going to a page that does not exist now shows the 404 page error
  • Gacha admin editor updates
  • Support email is now (old url still works for your convenience)

Much, much more to come.

We're aiming for August 1st for our massive update!

Posted 1082 days
The new Selfie System allows you to express yourself even further

The new Selfie system promises to take your avatar to the next level. You will be able to set up scenes and take photos by yourself or with your friends. And taking a selfie is as easy a button press! You will be able to save your selfies into your own personal Selfie Gallery. This is just where the fun begins!

Selfie Gallery
The Selfie Gallery comes with handy tools to edit and decorate your selfies, as well as putting the selfie into a custom frame. This is just another way Solia is allowing you to express yourself.

Create memories with your friends.

Before   After   
Image Image

Posted 1079 days
There is a preview up on our twitter for anyone that wants to see the new Selfie Decorator! It and much more is coming with the huge update!

Posted 1072 days
Dev Twitter Account if your interested.

Since Last Dev Post:
  • Item Designer now has the ability to get new design recipes
  • Selfie System shown above is done and ready to go. ( Preview available here ... 5530598405 )
  • 500 Error pages now show the 404 Page.
  • Several New Admin editors built for the large update.
  • SEO on Solia has been greatly improved.
  • The extra arrow on the Color dropdown was -finally- able to be fixed.
  • Item Designer look has been updated some, more changes to come.
  • Tool Tips on mouse over have been added to much of the site.
  • Gacha updates, making the play page prettier

Changes that are Upcoming.
  • Redesign Inventory look
  • Updated Game Look
  • Selfie Spotlight and Monthly Contest
  • Notifications of New chats (if your in another tab)
  • Shift + Enter in game chat adds a new line to the textbox. (Also ready and waiting)
  • The ability to become and walk around as one of your pets.
  • Registration Redesign
  • More Gacha updates. Making it pretty when you pull an item instead of just showing the icon.
  • Sitting and fish notifications (Preview here: ... 4168384512 )

Posted 1042 days
We have been very hard at work. I'll get a dev log update here soon. For anyone interested we redid the selfie system and you can check out a preview here. ... 0169445376

Posted 1029 days
Dev log update time!

We're all still very hard at work on the update. So many new things have been made/updated.

Updates you can see now

Inventory Expansion Items
Ways to increase your inventory size will release today.

Item Designer
  • Complete redesign and a recipe added.
  • Issues fixed with avatar creation that caused transparency issues.
  • Many item issues fixed with the release of the new avatar animations.

Registration and Body pages completely remade.
  • You can now have scars, tattoos and certain races have special racial markings. As well as the ability to recolor these markings.
  • You are able to preview your current outfit before choosing your body changes.
  • System was made significantly faster and more responsive.
  • You are able to recolor your starting outfit in the registration editor

  • Doing a 10 pull guarantees at least a rare item!
  • Complete redesign in and out of game.

Notices of new message
If you have the world open in another tab, it will flash and let you know you have a unseen message waiting.

What's been made but waiting for the update

In World Emotes
Type any of these below and you are able to change your avatars facial expression temporarily.
  • /ack
  • /surprise
  • /confused
  • /glare
  • /happy
  • /sleep
You may also type an emote and text at the same time. "/surprise This tastes amazing!" and both will happen at the same time. Many more facial expressions will be added after the update.

Farming - Complete remake
  • There are now 5 types of Plants. Some that take as little as 30 seconds to grow and trees that take 40 waterings. (You'll be able to grow your own fruiting trees!)
  • All Farming now happens inside your greenhouse.
  • Water Crops are now a thing, you'll have an area in your greenhouse after the update to plant crops like Water chestnuts, Rice and Cranberries.
  • You will use a hoe to till the soil before planting.
  • Fertilizer can be used every time you water to grow plants faster.
  • Auto Watering - NPCs or Kogos can water your plants for you if they like you enough or you entice them to do so.

  • Fishing has been made smoother.
  • Fish now have variable difficulty
  • Weekly fishing tiers. - The more you fish this week the better the fish you catch will get. It also increases the chances of rare fish.
  • Fishing will use bait.
  • AFK fishing - Fish while you're not there, auto catches fish for you and whenever you return you collect them.

  • Kogos fully work in world.
  • Animated battle pets that can also do quests for gold/items or train for experience and stats.
  • Kogo Breeding! Breed 2 kogo to get an egg that will show what colors the new kogo will be. Breeding gives you the chance to get a new and different colored kogo.
  • Battle Skills - these are special skills they use in battle and can transfer to offspring. (Not ready yet)
  • Kogo Evolutions and stages, this is still in the works.
  • Kogos can follow you like normal pets

  • You will be able to see your active tool in your hand as your walking around.
  • Cosmetic tools are also available. (Like umbrellas) which allow you to upgrade your style even more!
  • Watering Cans, Hoe, Fishing Pole, Umbrella, and much much more.

NPC Relationships, Full Tutorial & Story
  • Jean will explain what's going on here and walk you through a number of things.
  • NPCs can bring you gifts as well as form relationships with you.
  • NPCs remember what you tell them and actions you take.
  • You can gift NPCs outfits and you can select which outfit you want them to wear on your land.
  • NPCs move into your land.
  • NPCs can use the same facial expressions you can (see above)

Alfred will come by much more often to pick up your sale box.

Market Job
  • Discount Skill - get a discount on shop prices.
  • Overcharge Skill - Get a bonus on sell box prices.
  • Estimated Price when listing an item.
  • Possible market redesign
  • More market listing slots

Tasks - All tasks are things that give you gold, items, luna or Gacha tickets!
  • Weekly Tasks - Tasks you complete once a week.
  • Daily Tasks
  • Achievements
  • Events
  • Contests/Campaigns - Helps you track your campaign progress

All Jobs
If you are building/cooking/etc... you will get a notice letting you know that it has finished.

- Take a picture in game.
- Decorate your favorite pictures and share them with your friends!

What we're still building
- Tutorial mentioned above.
- some NPC interactions.
- Parts of the farming update.
- Kogo Breeding
- NPCs wearing outfits you gift them.
- When an NPC moves in you select which house they move into.
- Estimated Item prices for market.
- Katsu upgrading your greenhouse and house sizes.
- Kogo Training, Evolutions and Quests.
- Game interface redesign: Like much of the rest of the site we want to make the game much prettier. We're working hard on making the whole site nice.
- Inventory Redesign
- Gacha decorations when you pull an item.
- Lobby Dances! You can sit in world and your character can dance!
- Kogo Barn: Interior and Exterior. (Barn upgrading will come after the update)
- Town Design: The design of the main town for the start of the game.

What else?
Countless admin editors have been made as well as many unmentioned features. If you're interested in what we're doing let us know or follow us on twitter.

Sneak Peaks
Axi Dragon - ... 1032464384
Preview of a stocked fishing pond - ... 2493736961
Selfies - ... 0169445376
Selfie Decorator - ... 5530598405
NPCs moving in - ... 6593098752
Facial Expressions - ... 2827975680

Posted 1028 days
Here is a preview of a farming tool! ... 9716325377

Posted 1027 days

Posted 1026 days
Preview of things you can do with tools ... 6821154817

Posted 1025 days
The preliminary kogo breeding system. ... 9145355269

Posted 1023 days
Borrowing this thread so I can post to twitter without the gifs being destroyed. :nuhhuh:


Posted 1020 days
Barn preview ... 2333536256

Kogo evolutions were finished.
Kogo Level up and Stat balance system was finished. This ensures that all Kogos are balanced.
Kogo Breeding was finished yesterday some small things with it still need to be adjusted.
Breeding cooldown was added today.

I am working on Kogo Quests now.

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