Posted 867 days
Hey guys! I don't know if anyone remembers me but I'm Namea! I've been on Solia since 2011ish and the last time I logged in was apparently before all of this happened!! While I'm sad to see my items gone (I had a hoard because I used to give item kits to new users) I am happy about the continued existence and forward motion of the site! It's gonna take some getting used to around here but it looks like a definite positive change.

I checked out some awesome guides and I'm excited to see what Solia has to offer now!

Posted 866 days
Hiya Namea!
Welcome back!

Celestine Amine
Posted 866 days
Hey! Welcome back. :) great to see you.

Posted 865 days
Thanks to ya both!! <3

Kutsai Chan
Posted 862 days
I'm also a returning user! Except I joined 2008 ish and the last time I was online here was a couple years ago :drop:
Welcome back, though! I wish my game part of the site worked (unless it's not working for everyone right now, I'm not sure.) Hope it picks up again because this place was a really nice breath of fresh air from gaia~

Posted 861 days
I'm returning too. I feel like the name Namea is really familiar, I think we may have chatted back on the old site. I was Nemone back then as well.

Posted 861 days
It's nice to see some older members returning.

Posted 861 days
Welcome back Namea.

Posted 653 days
Namea wrote:...

Pleased to meet you, I'm rather new here for what that's worth.

Posted 639 days
Welcome back!

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