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Hey everyone!

This is just a heads up so we don't have any bad surprises. Since my tablet is out it gives me time to finally get to work on our color collection. This has ups and downs to it. The downside is currently I'm looking at 73 colors to be removed. The upside to that is there are now spaces where new colors can be added!

The colors previous to this update were taken directly from the old custom shop. When these were made the same colors would be made multiple times to make up for the difference in artist coloring styles. With this Solia we have far stricter rules on coloring and matching the current sites style. Because of this we don't need tons of duplicates of a color, so these can be removed. Some of the remaining colors will still be updated to look nicer - here are some examples of these situations:

These two colors are basically duplicates. Having 2 of the same color in the system is a waste so one was removed.

Other colors like this one have updates on the way. Many monitors and devices can't even see this as a color, just a flat darkness. This leads to colors like this never being used so colors like this will be updated to show more shading contrast and hopefully gain more attention to them.

Even with these removals, there are still 140 colors to choose from! I'm not sure how long the updates will take, depending on how harsh it is on the system (it has to update the color for ALL current items!) it may be done one at a time or in batches. But while this is being done if you want to suggest new colors feel free to put in a feedback ticket. Or if you want to make a thread in the community section and suggest as a group that's fine too, I'll keep an eye out for them!

The inventory currently reflects the removal change. Some color names may be changed as we make these updates so we have more 'plain' names. Such as where a 'dark' and 'bright' existed, if one was removed then there doesn't need to be an adjective on the remaining name.

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