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On both Saturday and Sunday we will be giving out all kinds of Luna!

Daily Quest
First off all of the Daily Quests will be giving out Luna rather then Gold! You can earn 105 Luna per day just off daily tasks!

    Scavenge - 10 luna
    Plant Harvesting - 10 luna
    Fish Caught - 10 luna
    Builder Craft - 10 luna
    Blacksmith Craft - 10 luna
    Pets Fed - 10 luna
    Sellbox Items Sold - 10 luna
    Food Eaten - 5 luna
    Gacha played will also be giving out 30 luna instead of 15!

Subscription Bonus Doubled!
Additionally, to make up for the lost days for people with subscriptions, ALL subscription bonuses will be doubled. You will receive 2 days worth of Luna on Saturday and Sunday instead of one.

    3,000 Luna Tier will receive 20 Luna per day.
    7,500 Luna Tier will receive 40 Luna per day.
    22,500 Luna Tier will receive 80 Luna per day.

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