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A lot is happening today!

For anyone still debating on getting a sub this month, the Tier 2 and up Monthly Item is the Peeking Pumpkin Kitty. A Halloween themed land item that animates a kitty playing in a Jack-o-Lantern.

Our Avatar of the Month winner for October is Hurbird.

And it's Tuesday so since we've got an announcement already we might as well add that this weeks new items are a couple of new Designer options.

These are the first Designer Item with a FUN's Creation Cost. And as usual Artie has the blank versions.

For future reference, Tuesday's item updates are more consistently listed on the calendar, so keep an eye out for those!


A couple updates have been made to Kogo Battling.
    NPC battles now give out 8x more exp.
    The Attack Card Natures Blessing has been updated. We'll continue to monitor the cards balancing.


Belinda and Delia return, offering Trick or Treating and candy trades.

To Trick or Treat:
    Visit peoples lands and click on Pumpkin Jars to get candy. You'll receive candy, and so will the person who owns the jar.
      You can get one candy, per Pumpkin Jar, per hour.
    To get your own Pumpkin Jar talk to Belinda and do her Halloween Quest. Then head to your land and place the jar anywhere on your land.
    You do not have to have a Pumpkin Jar to collect candy from peoples Pumpkin Jars.
      ~But every time someone takes candy from your Jar, you'll receive candy too even if you're not online so you should get one!

    You can seek out Pumpkin Jars by clicking the Event Land button, beside the Random Land button in the Town menu.

    Use candy to turn into Delia for items or for quests throughout the month!

Trick or Treating will be available all of October! Join us later, after the Sports Day Event, for more Halloween fun!

Vicky's in Town

For all of October Vicky will be in town with his Sorven Salon shop. Pick up pieces for your Halloween Costume or to be your best you! He can be found in town, beside Kale.

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