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Today is the last day for the Reapers Lament Gacha. Tonight it will be replaced by the new Sci Stars Gacha so be sure to get any last plays in before tonight!

The Sci Stars item on tonight's Gacha is a World Tool. When equipped as a tool, you'll have a shooting star aura behind you.


There was some feirce competition for the Halloween Contests~

Our winning Halloween Selfie is Edana and Misaki♥Ayuzawa.

Our winning Pumpkin is Aglaea's Pumpkin

And though its been a bit tough to tally, our Faceoff Winner was Hurbird! Since we've now got faceoff tallying all sorted out now, it should be faster next time.


Mira Williams has come to Linden, she's got her normal shop stock with her and now offers some limited time quests! Her quests pair up to the new Thanksgiving Bingo. Click the crown button along the right side to pop open your bingo card and check out the available tasks. The Bingo card will be available until December 2nd.



For anyone trying to breed Kitorn you probably noticed your Kogo level stopped at 30. You can now fix that by visiting any Kogo Ranger and having them Star up your Kogo. This will reset your kogo at level 1, now as a Star 1. This will allow your Kogo to get stronger, use higher level cards, and unlock their level cap.

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