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Today is the last day for the Seasonal Idols Gacha. Tonight it will be replaced by the Valentine Date Gacha so be sure to get any last plays quick!

The Valentine Date item is a companion that when equipped in game will appear beside you when you hold still.


Happy Lunar New Year! For a limited time, Ryu can be caught in the 2 areas directly outside of Linden. Ryu can be found night or day at a rare rate until 2-18.


Adelaide can be found on your home land at all times.

Kit, Trixie and Kale have quest chains you can participate in for Valentines.

If you did their quest chain last year you may repeat it this year for rewards if you want to.

Along the way you can earn Cookie Pieces which Adelaide can trade you for whole cookies. To complete the quests you'll need a bit of help from your fellow towns folk. Most of the townspeople now have quests you can turn in once every 6 hours for goodies you can keep or use to help your quest lines.

Cookies can be traded in to Adelaide for Items. Her shop will update with more items next week.

The Valentine Box Adelaide offers will grant a random item. Its contents include a Designer Tanktop by 赤い蝶!

Valentine Pets

If you visit Kit she's got a special Valentines Piggy; she will have a free one for you ONLY if you did not get a free one last year. If you did get one last year and want another you can buy extras from Adelaide. Use the Piggy's special Treasure Hunter skill to find more cookie pieces. (You must have unlocked Treasure Hunter as a Tamer to do this.) This will work for any pet with the Treasure Hunter skill, it doesn't have to be the Piggy. If you don't have a treasure hunting pet, you can pick up the Valentine Piggy from her quest or a normal Piggy from Kit for gold! Valentine Shark Puppy can be caught by River Fishing, its Skill is Scavenging, because of this they will not be able to find any cookie pieces for you.

Valentine Wishes

Talk to Adelaide to send Valentines to your friends or anyone whose been recently active. You may send 1 Valentine to each person, if you attach a gift to the Valentine you'll receive whole cookies in return. The amount of cookies you receive is based on the item value you send. Subscribers of tiers 2, 3, or 4, get access to 4 extra card designs!

When someone sends you a Valentine Adelaide will place it into your mailbox and alert you with a normal mail message.


You have the weekend left to spend any soap you have left over with Trixie.


You have until Sunday night to get any last minute shirts or sales in. On Monday a new Valentine Contest will begin.

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