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Today is the last day for the Bamboo Dumpling Gacha. Tonight it will be replaced by the Angelic Summer Wishlist Gacha so be sure to get any last plays in before tonight!


This Wishlist Gacha is a Theme'd Wishlist Gacha. Though the items are all picked out from your wishlists, they've got a heavenly theme added to their design! These special designs work just like a Shiny Kogo. If you want the original version of the item, you can recolor your Angelic version and you'll receive the normal recolorable version. If you recolor the item to a normal version of that item however you WILL NOT be able to get the Angelic version back.


Due to the early trouble with starting the event we're going to let it run for a few extra days. Prie's shop should have popped up sometime during the week. I am sorry its been a bit random; my updates have been going in batches rather then my normal day to day because I didn't read the fine print on my internet package so I'm getting capped hard. Working on a fix but for now just expect odd batch updates from things I handle.


So with that, the coding team is now way ahead of me. That along with how much is held up by waiting for this or that feature we've decided to change out plan of attack.

For the month of June all Gacha's will be wishlist gachas, so update your wishlists now! Starting with tonight's Angelic wishlist, next weeks will be a normal wishlist with a special ladder set, followed by a theme and then another normal. With this time I will instead be prepping up Kogo.

There are currently 76 Kogo laying in wait. We haven't wanted to over load the few maps available with over 100 Kogo so they've just been hanging out waiting for world updates. So since Kogo features are done, we're going to setup and start running the Kogo Ranger Story. With how the account system works, you'll be able to play now without it hurting your ability to play in other story lines later so rather then keep holding off and waiting to do them all together.

So this will be a Summer of Kogo! We'll be loading in story, expending and adding maps, adding more Kogo's, more encounters and more activities. Right now we haven't decided on a release schedule, if we'll do so in batches or full story chunks. It will depend on how quickly we can get sections bug checked so we'll have better idea later, but in the mean time I can give you Kogo info and sneak peeks like so:

These are all ones your Kogodex is already counting, but besides the 56 in your dex there's more then 70 more just sitting in PSD files waiting for me to get to them! So we'll be seeing lots more, real soon.

Thank you for your understanding in the odd changes for next month. But this will work much better with my current internet issue and being able to still use that time towards finishing the Kogo stuck in PSD's will put us a long way twoards getting out a big update.

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