Posted 242 days

Tonight the Feather Ballet Gacha will be leaving and the Pirates Live Gacha will take its place. Make sure to get your fix on feathers before they're gone!


It looks like we missed last weeks announcement so if you haven't seen it yet the Forest Demon Gacha has taken the place of the Playful Sea Gacha.


The avatar updates are near the final stages which means its time to start applying the changes. Unfortunately there isn't a way to just apply the changes all at once, we've got to do it a piece at a time. This will cause some major bugs in the avatar as we make the changes, so to keep confusion to a minimum we're going to turn off avatar editing while we get the major pieces in.

Make sure you make whatever changes to your avatar you want to make today; tomorrow we'll be turning off the avatar editing. Your avatar will still work, you just won't be able to change during this time. This will last until Thursday or Friday at the latest (8/2-8/3) but it may be turned back on sooner if the changes are completed earlier. When editing is turned back on, there may be some visual errors in game still, but nothing major or detrimental.

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