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The Sinful Summer Gacha started last night. This summery demon themed gacha has taken the place of the Elven Council Gacha.


The avatar updates are finally ready! Because this is a remake from 0 update for the avatar, in order to fully implement it, the current avatars need to be deleted. So next time you log in, you'll need to remake your avatar base. Everyone will also be credited 1 free avatar remake in case you make a mistake in rebuilding your base.

After you've remade your base, all items should now work on your in-game avatar. No more wing clipping or breaking coats! Items which will continue remove themselves in game include old poses and background type items.

Underwear removal is also now in place! They'll still equip by default, but putting on a shirt or pants will automatically remove them.

Animations for the avatar are still being redone. While most will work, a few are still missing and in the process of being remade. For our friend using the Kin bases your ears will now work and move, however we're still working on the tails. We apologize for the tail issues while we get that sorted out.

Overall there will still be a few fixes through the weekend, but most aspects of the avatar should already work. If you've having a major issue or error, please feel free to make a ticket. Otherwise please wait till Tuesday to report any minor avatar bugs.


The July Campaign Prizes will be going out on the 7th (Tuesday) so make sure you've wrapped it up by then!

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