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Firstly, we would like to Congratulate our Thanksgiving Design Contest winner... Simica!
A big thanks to everyone that participated!


Secondly, we'd like to tell you about this years Secret Santa.

You should automatically now own the builder recipe to make a Secret Santa Box.

Place your Secret Santa box on your land, then anyone can leave you gifts that you can open on December 25th!
Just a side note, you don't have to go through all the trouble of building the box yourself, you can also buy one off the market if there's a builder selling any.

To leave a gift simply visit someone's land and click on the box. You can then select an item to put inside from your inventory. Make sure it is the item you intend to put in, since the elves inside it won't give it back!

Once per day, when you gift items you will receive a Christmas Ornament for every box you gift, so be sure to spread as much cheer as you can. Hang :lurk: onto them, since you'll want them for later.

When you click on your own box, you'll see a countdown. Once the timer hits 0, it's time to open your box!

When you open your box everyone in the room gets to see what you received!
So if anyone wants to do openings be sure to let your friends know when you'll be on to open your boxes!

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