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Today is the last day to play the Zipped Up Gacha. Tonight it will be replaced by the Apocalyptic Cyborgs Gacha.

This Gacha also has a completion bonus, the first extra skin! -This skin has some built in lights on it which appear over the gems in the color you made the gems. The Light pattern is previewed here:


You've still got 7 days left for all Valentines Festivities. Plenty of time to get any piece you're still wanting.


This weekend we've got some major updates for you!

These are personal collections where you can place sets of items. When you place an item in your collection it is permanently in your collection, you cannot take an item out or use that item somewhere else. By completing collections you can each rewards, such as items, gold, achievements, and titles. Here is an example of a collection which you have to catch fish to complete.

The fish would not automatically add to your collection as you catch them you choose whether to sell/trade/keep the first or to collect it. You can only collect 1 of each type of fish/item.

Earned by completing Tasks, getting to certain places or ranks, or by completing collections. Achievements set goals and can reward you in many different ways.

Titles are tags you can use to display a message, or rank. They can be earned from Collections, Tasks, or Achievements. In this example the title is the Blue text which says "Working"

Tasks give you goals to meet or tasks to complete in certain time frames. Similar to quests these may be daily, or weekly, and reward in many different ways. All daily rewards will now run through the task system as well so remember to click your tasks to pick up your FUNS and Luna!

New Skins
Skins are not tradeable, they are added to your accounts skin selection when you change your base or make a new character. Any time you earn a skin you also get a free body change for your avatar. You can earn new skins in various ways but keep an eye out for NPC's with special skins as they're likely to have a quest line that will reward it to you.

New features will be found on your pull out menu beside your job menu.

This weekend will be a small release for some of these features. We will update again with a bigger release after some testing. As work on major updates is coming to an end we're in the final stages of plugging things in and final setup. We'll have to come very soon!

If you need any help with these new features, Hurbird made a guide!

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