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Today is the Last Day to play the Witch Gathering Gacha. Tonight it will be replaced by the Pegasus Coture Gacha.

Remember that in April we will be doing Member Vote Gacha, to vote add things to your wishlist! The items that appear on the most wishlists will appear on the Gacha. This means not just Crown and Star Rarity items but ALL rarities so remember to pick items of all ranges not just the top ones!


Item Designer Update: New features are being put in. Some of the old features are also changing a little bit to add new depth. I am hoping that this is all released to you all today.
  • Zoom sliding scale: This allows you to zoom in to whatever degree you wish while working on the item. The current max zoom is 5x, it will be changed to 6x. And everything from 1-6x will be available.
  • Move Design: The move tool allows you to reposition a design on the base. If you made the design a little too far to one side or another you may tweak it. You can also use this with the clone tool to move the new design into a better location for the other base type.
  • Clone Design: With this tool you will only have to make a single design, clone them and edit.
  • Eye Dropper: Select any color currently used in your design, and if this color is notalready in your palette it will be added to your palette, but either way it will become the currently set color for your drawing tool.
  • Palette Changes: The system will not add a color to your palette if that same color is already on your color palette. This better allows you to build a palette and complete your design easier.
There is another update to come for the Item Designer later today. Keep an eye on the Dev thread for when that happens.

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