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Today is the last day to play the Wishlist Gacha. Tonight it will be replaced with the Jellyfish Court Gacha.

Just to note; the webbed Gloves on tonight's Jellyfish Court Gacha will work properly with handheld items and fingerless gloves/arm warmers. They will not work properly with any gloves that include finger covers since the fingers are not positioned in the same way as normal hands. The King Fins which narrow the lower legs/feet and are longer then normal feet will work with large shoes. They will not work with most smaller/tighter fitting shoes or socks.

Our Avatar of the Month is Keido!

This months Subscription Item is the Chasing Kibbit Toy, when used as a tool this tiny Kibbit will follow you around town. It does not take up your pet slot, so you can still have a pet with you as well. Due to that it also does not count as a pet and does not need petting or food.

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