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Crafting has been fully updated. Crafting times have been made shorter and material requirements have been lowered. Some material requirements have been changed to lower materials, or to different materials such as Spider Silk.

AFK Fishing now has its full array of fish. For the most part fishing is the same between Rod, and Bait fishing. However the Showa Koi can only be caught using Bait (AFK) Fishing. The Kohaku Koi can only be caught using Rod (Manual) Fishing.

Willem's Fish'n Hole has new items available in trade for Fish.

Kit's Furry Fiesta has a new Brown Spider pet for sale which makes Spider Silk when attached to a Doghouse.

We're looking for new avatar artist!
Starting pay for the position is 17$ an hour, for more information or to apply go [Here]. For other job opprotunities check out our Jobs page [Here].

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