Posted 125 days

Today is the last day to play the Radical Dreamers Gacha. Tonight it will be replaced by the Rozen Ball Gacha.

The Rozen Prince Petals item on tonight's gacha can be worn on your avatar. However if worn as an item it will not appear on your avatar when in game. When worn in game as a tool instead, the item will animate petals around your avatar when holding still.


Today is also the last day to participate in the Easter Events. While the games, bingo card, shark and egg scavenging will end tonight Belinda will stick around for the next week to allow you to spend any left over eggs. Your Easter crafts will also stick around for the week so you can craft any last minute items you want. We are still going through all the Selfy and Designer entries, a winner will be announced next week as originally planned.

This weekend we'll be working to swap out all the Easter events for Kibbit Week events. Please look forward to that in the next couple days.

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