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It's Spring, and Kibbits are hatching like pests which means - Kibbit Week has begun! Since this is also the release of Kogos as a feature, we'll slowly roll out more of Kibbit Week over, well, the next week. For now, grab some food and a net shooter and catch some Kogo!

How to capture a Kogo:
  • First make sure you're prepared, you'll need food, and a Net shooter. Kogo eat the same foods as your farm animals; Kit sells both food and net shooters. You'll be able to craft net shooters later.
  • Head outside of town (you can do this by clicking the portal to leave your land and choosing "Town Outskirts" or going to land 22).
  • Find the Kogo you wish you capture. The Kogo respawn/change every hour.
  • Click on the one you want to capture and try to throw some food to it.
  • If it likes the food its happiness will go up, if it doesn't it will go down. You can check its current happiness by clicking on the Kogo you're trying to catch, it will appear in a bar similar to your farm animals’ hunger bar.
  • Once you're ready, try to capture the Kogo with your net shooter. Once you have the net shooter equipped as a tool it works just like the Egg Target game or turkey hunting; click or tap on screen to shoot a net in the Kogo's direction.
  • If your net hits the Kogo, it will struggle and try to escape, but if it likes you enough it will allow itself to be captured. If the Kogo is made too unhappy by the capture attempt and it breaks free, it may run.

If your net is successful, you now have a new Kogo!
Keep in mind that things like time of day can affect not only what Kogo you see but also how difficult they are to catch. Time of day may also affect if the baby or adult version of the Kogo is around.

For the time being, Kogo cannot be traded or sold. Don't worry, this isn't permanent just for the start, so we can make sure everything's working properly. Battle and Breeding will come later, for now you can still level up your Kogo by sending them on jobs! To do a job, the Kogo will need to be in your barn. Once we're certain everything's working properly we'll turn on the other Kogo Trading and Turn In's as well as add the rest of the Kibbit Week goodies. Keep in mind, Kibbits are only available during their breeding season, they are not a year-round catch, so you may want to prioritize capturing any Kibbits you find.

Kogo currently available in the area around town:


*Just a little hint, Kibbit are Nocturnal!

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