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Lasof and Prie can now be found in the middle of town. They'll be staying only for a short while during Kibbit Week. After the event, they'll head home. Not to worry though, Asil has been making the trek and marking the paths heading out towards Kogo Park. So even though the two will go home, you'll be able to meet them again as soon as Asil's path is finished.

You can meet up with Asil by heading north out of town. The blue portals are gone, instead arrows now mark the map where you can get out, or move on to the next area. You may have to ctrl+f5 to refresh and see the change.

All 3 of these Vaein have Shops!
    Asil sells supplies you may need when you're out in the feild.
    Prie sells Kogo crafts which can be made from of Kogo Materials.
    Lasof sells crafts needed for breeding Kogo.

Getting Kogo Materials

You may find that after catching the Kogo available in the immediate areas outside of town, you're left with a lot of nets. Or maybe you've gone through a few Net Shooters and are sitting on a pile of Kogo now. You can now trade in extra or duplicate Kogo for 3 random Kogo Materials.

To do so, head into your barn. A new button now in the top left that says Turn In will pull up a window displaying the Kogo you have. Just pick what you want to turn in, confirm its the one you want to send, and you'll receive Materials in trade for the Kogo. Each Kogo has some shared materials and some unique materials. For example, this is the Alrune Family material pool:

However, turning in Alrune Babies will have the possibility to get these materials:

While Turning in Alrune Adults will have a possibility of these materials:

While 4 of the materials are unique to the Alrune Family, these materials are type and element materials. So any Kogo with the Plant Type or Life Element also has a possibility to grant these:

As just a little hint for the Alrune, this is not the adult. :hee:

These materials can then be used in crafting, as gifts, or for selling. They don't currently have sell box values but will sometime this week.

New Achievements!

16 New Kogo related achievements are available offering item and even luna prizes. More Achievements are on the way later this week.

If you want to see all the details and updates of the week, check out this dev log.

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