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Today is the Last Day to play the Jellyfish Court Gacha. Tonight it will be replaced by the Prism Chaser Gacha.

Kibbit Flowers only bloom during the spring, which means with summer looming they'll soon no longer be found in the wild. Since this was their first appearance we'll be forcing them to continue appearing through the weekend but in the future they will only be available to capture in the Spring. Kibbits aren't the only critter that's nocturnal so don't make this a reason stay in at night! And unlike Kibbit, the Constella cannot appear at all during the day.

Prie and Lasof will hang out in town for the weekend and until the Summer Events start. We hope to have those up sometime next week so it won't be too long. But not to worry, Kogo Park is the first stop on the map so you'll be able to see them again soon.

For reference, Solia's Seasons run like so:
    Winter: December, January, February
    Spring: March, April, May
    Summer: June, July, August
    Fall: September, October, November

Since today is the last day of the month we'll take this opprotunity to announce our normal begining of the month changes. Next months Sub item is Calico Emote Ears. When faces are typed into the chat, for example :( , your avatar will change to mimic the emotion.

Our Avatar of the Month is: TempusBliss

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