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Today is the Last Day to play the Peach Blossom Gacha. Tonight it will be replaced by the Summer Vacation Gacha.

Also starting tonight are the summer events! The Shark Puppy returns for the summer as a rare catch when manual fishing. The Shark Puppy can ONLY be caught when using a fishing rod. You can not catch the Shark Puppy when using Worm Bait.
Tonight a Summer Bingo starts which will last all summer offering some rare crafting goodies.

Alice is coming to visit!

If you were around for summer last year, you may remember she broke. :wat: So hopefully this year she cooperates better. Look for the towns people acting a bit different, or going home at night. Alice only cares to come to town at night, so Lasof and Prie can still occupy their spot during the day.

These summer pieces which last year were moved from Alice to other shops will continue to be summer recipes of those towns people instead of returning to Alice.

This won't prevent Alice from having a shop of her own. She and other towns people all have lots of summer recipes to offer. All summer plans are permanent plan once purchased however are only available to purchase during the summer months. So you can grab them now even if you don't have the requirements met at this time and just sit on it until you can.


There are a total of 32 new recipes around town! Please keep in mind that some of the new Summer recipes may require materials that are above your current farming/scavenging levels.

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