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Lets Slip Slop Slap this summer and have some fun!
In this mini Event there's a total of 6 games that you can play and earn yourself some tokens to exchange for great prizes!

A Swimsuit Selfie Contest,
A Summer Word Association,
A Guess the Item game,
A Summer Hat Collection Game,
A Water Fight Dice rolling game,
And a Posting Game.

Every time you play you will earn yourself a Token for a Store that is located in the Main Events RP Thread here.
It is important that you have a character in this thread before you start playing or tokens cant be awarded.
You do not have to post or join in on the RP game/ thread if you don't want to but you still need a character :^_^:
(the thread has instructions on how to join/create a character if you need help)

Hundreds of items are up for grabs, here's a small preview:

What are you waiting for! Head on over to the Event thread here for more information on how to play,
And as always there are Sign posts also set up on this Land that also explains the games :fangirl:

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