Posted 351 days

Today is the LAST DAY to play the Kogo Trainers Gacha. Tonight it will be replaced by the Digibun Gacha, so don't miss out!

The Digibun Digitize item on tonight's Gacha is an animated item. To use it you must first send it to your land inventory and then equip it as a tool. It sits in the 'back' tool slot so wearing it won't interfere with any of your normal activities.

Its also the last call for any crop entries. Remember that win or lose, all entered items are returned to you so there's no reason not to throw your bunch in. The contest is against NPC's not your fellow players so it is possible for everyone to win! When picking up your entries and any prizes be sure to check your bank for their delivery.

And just a reminder, Clay will only be around until the 25th. So if you want to earn those relationship points (Or steal his materials) don't wait around, he'll be going home soon.

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