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Today is the last day to play the Prism Chaser Gacha. Tonight it will be replaced by the Queen's Teatime Gacha.

The Queen's Hearts is a animated tool item which will give a hearts aura. It Equips to the Head Slot and won't interfere with your normal farm tools. The gacha odds have also been updated increasing the rate of Legendary Items since they don't have a ladder play reward. Thank you to everyone who have been sending in Feedback tickets! Even if we don't always have time to reply to all of them; we do read them all and keep track of suggestions. It means a lot to hear from you, thank you for taking them time to send them in. [Clarification] The Gacha update applies to the Queen's Teatime Gacha and after. It does not apply to previous gacha's because that would be unfair to those who have played them before the change.

Time is running out to turn in a Chicken for Gary's Chicken Contest. Your chicken will be returned to you either as your original chicken or if you win, it will be returned as a Golden Egg Laying White Chicken. So there's nothing to lose!

Today is also the last day to do Clay's quests. He didn't leave on his own on the 25th so tonight we'll be removing him manually.

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