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When the summer comes and the nights are warm there's nothing quite like fireworks to celebrate your gatherings. Zane and Kitty are super excited and have opened up their own little Summer Firework Stand. For the month of July they'll be available day and night playing with and selling their fireworks in the middle of town. (Beside Prie/Lasof during the day or Alice at night.)

ImageCanister Fireworks are 300 Luna and are reuseable land items that come in various colors indicated by the colored stripes on the canister. Place one on your land and then click it to set it off as many times as you like!
ImageParty Fireworks are 500 Gold and are one-time use handheld tools so you can take and set off fireworks with you wherever you go.

ImageCrate of Fireworks is 1,000 Luna, it comes with one of each color of the canister fireworks for a 800 Luna discount when purchased as a bundle. That's not all, it also comes with a Solia Colored Firework and 2 Party Fireworks as FREE gifts.
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Currently accounts with Beta Tester status (obtained by having a current subscription of any level) can visit this land if you'd like to watch as the residential area of town gets set up. Once its complete it will be connected to the town and NPC's that leave town during the day will move to their homes in the residential area. While the land is being set up the NPC's wont visit at night so there isn't any advantage to visiting this land before its done unless you want some sneak peeks at the layout, homes and such.


I'm very sorry for we've had a miscommunication. Previously it was announced that the Legendary drop rate was increased however its both the Legendary and Epic items have increased drop rates.

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