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Today is the last day to play the Summer Vacation Gacha. Tonight it will be replaced by the Kawaii Sleepover Gacha so don't miss out!

For anyone still debating on getting a sub this month, the Tier 2 and up Monthly item is the Summer Fun Tiger.

And this months avatar of the month is Miku Asukito!

Time is running out to enter a Fish into Gary's Fishing Contest. Enter your largest fish for a chance to win a Material Prize Pack! Even if you don't win you get your fish back so why not toss one in and give it a try!


Currently we are looking for some people to help try out and give their thoughts on a possible upcoming feature. The reason this isn't simply going to those with an active Beta Tester Status is that this isn't a passive feature to try out, we need people willing to actively help out with trying this out. If you have and a few hours available and want to help out we'd very much appreciate your time. We're looking at the possibility of adding to and expanding the Artie's Artist Profession offerings. So we're looking for people of all art skill levels to try out some new offerings. Its okay if you feel you have no artistic talent, part of what we're wanting to try out is also how easy and accessible it is for everyone.

    You will need at least 2 hours of time over the period of a week, any day will do.
    Be willing to try at least one of 3 methods of item making.
    Be creative or have an idea in your head already of an item you'd like to make/design.

If you have the time and desire you can try 1, 2 or all 3 of the methods, its up to you. One of the options is the already available - the Item Designer can found here or in your inventory. If you haven't tried this in the past you can give it a go before applying if you want to get an idea for time requirements. (If you cannot see the item designer you need to pick up the Art Profession from Artie in town.) After you choose a method and give it a try we'll ask you to fill out a feedback form on the method you tried and answer a few questions about the experience. The 2 hour requirement will be effected by what you choose to make, if you choose to put a lot of details in your design it may take a lot more time but that's up to you.

If interested please put in a feedback ticket with this form filled out:
    Estimated amount of time you can offer:
    What days can you offer your time:
    Your time zone:
    Your opinion of your Art Skill level:
    Are you interested in art features long run or just willing to help test?:
    Have you used the Item Designer after the 'copy' feature was added?:

We'll be picking people based on our ability to match your available time with our schedule. You'll be contacted via PM if selected, those will most likely start going out Monday.
This is not an application for a job, its just to test out a possible new features that would facilitate the creation of personal items.

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