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Today is the Last day to play the Queens Teatime Gacha. Be quick and get in any last minute plays before tonight when it will be replaced by the Cyber Rave Gacha!

The Cyber Rave Glow Necklace on tonight's gacha is a lantern tool that glows in a rainbow cycle when worn in game. If worn on your avatar as an item it will appear as its rainbow light but it will not do its rainbow cycle nor emit light.


So it’s been quite awhile now since this project started. You’ve all be very patient with us as we toil away and trickle things out to test. Thank you. We cannot emphasise enough how helpful it has been to have you here trying things for us, sending in tickets and allowing us to track how well each piece does. Even things which may seem silly to you, like getting Trixie’s Relationship just to level 1 is extremely helpful to us. As a thank you, we’re declaring August Member Appreciation Month! For this we’ve got events, gifts, and sneak peeks lined up for you all of August!

Buckle in because this is going to be a long one! As we’re getting to the point of putting in big pieces we’re looking to get some opinions from you before they’re finalized. A lot of things right now work - but still need skinning, or in other words, it works but its not pretty or visually functional. With this even the site, and in game layout are getting a facelift. Today - we’ve got the first opinion poll for you, it’s got to do with battle!
(Click for full size.)

As you can see, not very pretty yet but what we're here for today is more specifically, about your battle avatar. We’ve got, at this point, 2 options:
  • Use your current avatar for everything.
  • Make class-based avatars for when your traveling/adventuring.

Of course there are Pro’s and Con’s to both of these methods. But what the heck does either of those options even mean? A visual will probably help:

So the team on the right is made of current avatars - and their Kogo of course - who can go into battle with you. While the team on the left is made up of class-based avatars. So now let’s lay out the pros and cons of these options.

    Use current avatars for everything.
    • You can use everything in your inventory to customize your look.

    • Nothing changes, so there’s nothing new to figure out.
    • To use armor and weapons you have to wear it on your avatar. So you may just end up always wearing the equipment instead of most the stuff in your inventory anyway.
    • Battle animations are generic and so a bit boring.
    Use Class Based Avatars
    • Separate “Casual” and “Battle” avatars means you can be in town wearing all the good stuff in your inventory while wearing all your gear with a nice class-based battle avatar when journeying and battling.
    • The avatar made from the get go to move around - proper walking or even unique walking like the Mage and Herald in the image above.
    • Battle animations more fun since the classes are made to handle their gear.
    • Less customizable - Notice for example, in the image above all the class avatars have different feet. Because of this you won’t be able to use just any shoes you have in your inventory, it will have to be shoes for that class. But you can always wear whatever hat/head things you own because obviously the heads are the same from the current avatar.

Right now, neither method would faster than the other because there aren't any weapons, armor, or animations yet. And either way weapons will be class based EX an archer uses bows with light armor and a knight a sword with heavy armor, there's no change in the amount of things needing to be made either. So no matter which method you choose we'd be starting from scratch as far as equipment needs and time goes.

Some of the customization issues of the battle avatar are solved by the currently in-testing features that were mentioned in this announcement: ... rs/369255/

If you have any questions about this, please put in a support ticket before voting. We'll be keeping an eye out over the weekend to try to answer any questions as quickly as possible.

So click this link to put in your vote and opinion on the Normal Avatars Vs Class Based avatars and stick around for goodies throughout all of August!

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