Posted 301 days

Today is the LAST DAY to play the Macaw's Nest Gacha. Tonight it will be replaced by the Throne of Lorelei gacha.

On the Throne of Lorelei Gacha, you'll be able to see some progress bars. For this new gacha; a change has been added to make results more personal. Its now following you alone with no regard to other players and the bars indicate your current rates. The displays are for Epic and Legendary items the others change too, but backwards since as the rates for Epics and Ledengarys get higher the others lower. However, this does not mean it will ever hit a 100% chance. When the bar is full it means you've hit maximum chance for that rarity, not that you're guaranteed that item. For those playing the Throne of Lorelei, please send in a feedback ticket about whether you like this new method.


For anyone who has come for a visit in the last 30 days will receive a Member Appreciation Axi tomorrow tonight! So anyone who hasn't been on in the last 30 days has today and tomorrow to login and still receive one. Custom Kogo like this one work just like the normal version, just with a flashier look! However if used in breeding it will not pass on its custom traits, it will pass on the traits of its original state. In other words if you make a custom Kogo from a Red Axi it will pass on the traits of a Red Axi.

We'll have more on how to customize your Kogo, as well as another poll in the next announcement! For now why not check out these polls?

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