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For everyone starting to celebrate Obon today, we hope you have a wonderful holiday. We’ll have some Obon fun and goodies for you starting Friday so you can enjoy your festivities and join us after.

Also, we’ve been forgetting to announce but the final gacha of Member appreciation month, August 30th (8/30/2019), will be a Wishlist Gacha! So before then make sure you organize your wishlist, get all your most wanted things on there. Not just Legendary items but Commons, Uncommons, Rares, and Epics too! The items which appear on the most wishlists will be on the Gacha later this month!


We hope you picked up your Member Appreciation Axi, the pickup will expire in 4 days. If you haven't make sure to check your mailbox and click on the Axi in the letter from Winters Corp. to pick it up! If you have already picked it up, you’ll see that this is by all means a normal kogo - but it’s dressed up! It’s been done with one of the new systems that will allow you to customize your Kogo!


But this creates a small snag~ There are 2 types of custom kogos, fur paints and full edits. This Aky is an example of a fur paint. It’s the same Aky with a new colorful look. You may already be aware that rare kogo can be found out in the wild, and if you’ve spotted the rare Aky you’ll know this fur painted Aky is the current rare variant. With the new coming fur customizing this rare Aky with special fur patterns isn’t a very special find anymore since you can just make that pattern on an Aky yourself. So to fix this we’re redoing many of the rare variants to be more unique, an example is Constella’s Rare which changes the body pattern entirely and changed the companion stars to suns.


This way when you find the rare variant it will be truly unique from the normal version. For anyone currently holding a rare variant kogo, when your kogo’s new rare variant is completed, your rare will update to the new rare variant so it will stay rare. But if you like the current rare better, not to worry! When the new custom kogo features are completed we’ll make the current fur-change rare variants available so you can custom one of your normal versions and get it back while being able to keep the value of your rare one!

That leaves full edit kogo, this is like the Member Appreciation Axi that you received. This type is far more detailed a process and will take a certain level of skill to create. We’ll have more detailed information on that when the custom kogo are ready and available.

If you haven't seen them yet, or haven't made up your mind here's some quick links to this months polls

That's it for this peek we hope to see you Friday, when our Obon event starts!

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