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Today is the last day for the Throne of Lorelei Gacha. Tonight it will be replaced by the new Celestial Court Gacha so be sure to get any last plays in before tonight!


Kogo Battle is now in testing! To get started, head to your barn and in the top right corner you'll now see a button for "Team". A kogo battle team is 4 Kogo, to add a Kogo to your team it must be in your land inventory but not currently be in your barn for working and must not be placed on your land.


To start with your Kogo will have the attack Scrap. In order to get more attacks you'll need Kogo Cards. These are gained as Kogo Loot by turning in Kogo at your barn or defeating Kogo in battle. You can power up your favorite attacks by collecting multiples of the same card and talking to any Kogo Ranger NPC such as Prie, Lasof, and Asil. Kogo Drop tables are unique so you'll want to keep track of what kogo dropped what cards to get multiples. The cards your kogo can equip is determined by the Kogo's Type and Element. Every card has its own upgrade track but the max star level any card can currently go is 5.

You can challenge people to a battle once you have a party setup, for this testing phase exp is not awarded and townsfolk wont accept battles until later in the weekend. Please report any snags you run into via Support Tickets. Full in depth tutorials will pop up next time you're in world!

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