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Today is the last day for the Bronze Captain Gacha. Tonight it will be replaced by the new Reaper's Lament Gacha so be sure to get any last plays in before tonight!

The Ghost Trail on tonight's Gacha is a World Tool. When equipped as a tool you'll leave a trail of ghosts when you walk.


It seems Alice thought it a good idea to bring some of Mon'Petit to Linden. But what will we do with all these Kitorn? They're taking over the town; quick, get rid of them!

How to play:
Every 2 hours a Kitorn invasion will happen. There are 3 types of invasion and how to fight back depends on what invasion appears.

Invasion 1: Kitorn Swarm - Scare the invading Kitorn away by using a Net Shooter. During a Kogo Swarm, the Kogo you net will not be captured, They will run away but you will receive Candy Corn currency for each Kitorn you drive away.

Invasion 2: Kitorn Battle Rush - When the Kitorn appears near the middle of town. Click it to start the battle and fight using your Kogo Team.

Invasion 3: Chase down and drive away the adult Kitorn! Collect taffy from the candy piles then equip the taffy as a tool to throw at the Kitorn and drive it away. Candy Corn are awarded at the end of this invasion period based on how much taffy you hit the Kitorn with. You can collect taffy at any time you do not have to wait for the Kitorn to appear to start collecting Taffy.

The as you fight off the Kitorn Invasion, you'll collect Candy Corn. These can be used to buy items from Alice which includes Kitorn Eggs.


Kitorn are a Kogo like any other, they can be turned in for Kitorn materials. If buying the Kitorn recipes from Alice, keep in mind you'll need these Kitorn parts to make the items. But like any other Kogo Craft, these are permanent once bought.


Alice also has a quest for you, and there is an Achievement for turning in Kitorn.


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