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Today is the last day for the Bunny Luv Gacha. Tonight it will be replaced by a new Plague Doctors Gacha so be sure to get any last plays quick!

The Plague Doctor Aura on tonight's gacha will give you a poisonous aura around your avatar when worn as a tool in game!


To get started, talk to any Kogo Ranger. To make it easier Lasof is going to be in Linden, in the usual event spot in the middle, at all times. In the daytime Prie, and Asil can also help you at Asil's hideaway and Kogo Park.

Choose Kogo Battle Event and join a team. Once you're on a team choose Kogo Battle Event again to see who is available to fight. When viewing the people available to fight, the amount of gold, experience, and points you'll earn if you win is listed. All points earned by your team are combined to find the winning team. All participants will get prizes, no matter what place their team ends in. Points you earn can also be spent to buy items from the Battle Shop held by Lasof.


  • Spending your points does not take them away from your team.
  • Your team score is all points earned, not just those currently on hand.
  • Smaller teams will earn bonus points, teams currently earning bonus is indicated when joining a team.
  • The bonus points are awarded, until that team is no longer the smallest team. Bonus points apply to the entire team, not just those joining when the bonus is in effect.

If you have any questions or trouble please put in a support ticket and we're happy to help!


Kogo stats, and attacks have been re-balanced. We will be once again using this battle event to keep track of how they're doing. 15 new cards have been added, 3 of which can be obtained via Lasof's Battle shop. Grabbing and using those attacks would be helpful to our balancing data. We will be revisiting this at the end of the event to see how everything's panning out. Thank you for your help!


You have only the weekend left to spend your Nobori Koi with Willem. Make sure to spend them before Monday night when they disappear!

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