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Today is the LAST DAY to spend your Summer Stars with Zane. Be sure to spend any straggler stars before tonight!


Our selfy winner is Miku Asukito.

For our tank top winner~ well, there isn't one. We had no tanktop entries. Since the new swimsuit round already has entries, we're guessing the tank top has become boring to you. Or maybe the theme was too difficult. But as mentioned in another announcement there were lot of item skins submitted last month. So hopefully the inclusion of item skins to the contest from here on out will help when a base or theme is difficult like this in the future!


It was brought to our attention that the results of the last Kogo Battle Round were never announced. That's no good so let's fix that!

    Winning Team:
      Dekkard's Team

    Top Scores of each team:
      Case's Team Arauna
      Billiam's Team Autumn
      Dekkard's Team Celestine Amine

Even if you were not a top placer, all participants will be receiving a prize. You should get a notification when your prize delivers.

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