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Today is the last day for the Pony Pals Gacha. Tonight it will be replaced by a new Beachside Miko Gacha so be sure to get any last plays quick!


You have only the weekend left to finish your Bingo Squares. The event will end Monday night, so make sure to get any straggler squares done by then!
As a side note, the square to catch Fen has had its requirements lowered.


Rivers will be going through testing over the weekend. Over the weekend the fish catchable in the rivers will be the same as in ponds, however after this testing phase the river fish will be updated to their permanent fish next week with the job updates.

A River is any water source with the rock-edging, to give it a try grab a rod or your fishing worms and stand along side a river. With the addition of river fishing, the Limit on rod fishing has been removed.

All jobs are going to be getting a major update. We had planned to run this today but have realized it will clash with some of the bingo requirements which would break your card so instead we're putting that on hold until Tuesday; after the bingo card has ended. There will be a lot to go over at that time, we will see you then!

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