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Today is the last day to fill out any remaining Bingo squares. Tonight it will be removed and we'll start rolling out all kinds of job updates.


Starting tonight and over the next few days a lot of things are being changed and due to that certain things like crafting may not be available until after the updates are complete. To hopefully ensure as little confusion during this time as possible here's what to expect:

    Some jobs will be merged to make leveling easier and skills more consistent.
    • Tamer + Farming = Farming
    • Builder + Blacksmith = Construction
    • Chef + Tailor = Homestead
    • Artist + Merchant = Market
    The level kept will be your higher level. If your currently have a star you will be backed down to 25 so you're able to claim all starting skills properly. All skills, and quests you have completed while leveling is refunded, so you'll be able to immediately buy back your skills except in the case of being down a star grade. We understand this is quite the inconvenience and will distribute gifts based on levels/stars lost.

    With this new Skills and features are being added:
    • -Art shop listings will now appear in the market.
    • -New 'Sell a look' skill is being added
    • -Market is being overhauled including sorting by Site items, Artist items, and Looks.
    • -More skills to allow more market slots
    • -Skill to allow permanent listings
    • -Discount and Overcharge skills
    • -Kogo selling skills
    • -Item Previewing for art listings.

    • -Removing point fractions
    • -New Pet skills.
    • -New Pets
    • -New Plants
    • -Updates to Treasure Hunter to ensure you can grab the item.

    Construction and Homestead
    • -Updates to all crafts in order to ensure leveling is straightforward and exp granted/Materials required per craft are more fair.
    • -New crafts to come once balancing is completed.

    • -Now gains fishing skills.
    • -Mining
    • -Bug Catching
    • -Lumberjack
    • -River Fishing
    • -No more fishing limit
    • -New fish to be added after bugs fixed

These are just the things that you'll likely notice, we've also made lots of updates to back-end things such as the map editor allowing us to do more fun stuff, such as bridges some of which you've already seen in Kogo Park.

We'll keep you in the loop if we hit any hiccups.


An update has been made to Kogo Park so once a campaign ends, The changes will apply and the next campaign will start. So currently the Alrune Campaign and the Cherri Campaign are already completed and in and waiting to be unlocked!

Just to clear up since we've gotten some questions about it, items purchased from Lasof and Asil will help the current campaign the same as the shops within the park itself. However, this only counts when the campaign requires gold. It cannot help during a Kogo turn in campaign like the current Alrune Campaign.

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