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Today is the last day for the Merflower Gacha. Tonight it will be replaced by a new Rockband Gacha so be sure to get any last plays quick!

The Rockband Headphones on tonight's gacha will give you a music note aura so you can rock out when worn in game.

The Gacha for July 31st will be a Wishlist Gacha. Make sure to update your wishlists!


It seems when the job refunds were done, some peopel got Kogo trade-purchases back and some didn't. We're unsure why some didn't, but we have no way to tell who did or didn't to get those who didn't their Kogo back. So to fix this, when you buy a ticket to go into Kogo Park, the starting area will spawn those Kogo that can be traded for recipes. So you shouldn't have any trouble re-grabbing those recipes again. This will last until July 27th, so make sure to grab them before then if you want the recipe back.


Its time to pick up your crop contest entries, hopefully you did well! Its now time for the Cow contest. Enter your best cow, and don't worry ~ at the end of the contest you'll receive your cow back, either as it currently is or if you win upgraded to a Red Cow!


Lumberjack is now available! Look for fallen logs, which can appear when traveling, and which using an axe you can chop at for items. After this a bit of testing is done, Mining will be added. So while you can make picks if you buy the recipe, you won't be able to use them until next week.


To go with this Katsu has some new recipes so you can make tools and new materials for the recipes to come!

The images for 'Linden' materials have been updated to differentiate from maple materials. You can try to ctrl+f5 to update the images but it might take a bit for your browser to update them.

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